The new big update for FIFA 22 fixes a bug that allowed almost guaranteed goals

The damn ‘corner glitch’ is corrected among a multitude of adjustments that the new EA Sports patch brings.

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Since it was launched on the market in October last year, FIFA 22 has enjoyed success commensurate with the franchise’s typical business performance. But, although it has been more stable than other previous installments and the players in general are more satisfied, in EA Sports they have had to deal with various problems, some so striking that we did not expect to see them.

The corner glitch has been resolvedElectronic Arts has announced the fourth major update of its soccer game, which comes to make various adjustments to the gameplay level. There is good news in the patch notes, as it seems to fix a bug that was very frustrating for users playing online. We talk about the famous ‘corner glitch’, a situation that caused the players controlled by the machine to not defend correctly when they were taken short from the corner, thus causing a multitude of goals without practically opposition.

It is a mistake that many people in Ultimate Team took advantage of, and of which it is officially said that “has improved artificial intelligence of the CPU when marking rival attackers in the corners taken short. “On these, we can also adjust the tactics to have more players on the edge of the area or in the center of the field. It has been so common lately which is a recurring topic of conversation in the community, allowing jokes even from professional players:

There are also changes in goalkeepers, response and moreWe highlight this setting because it is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated by those who play online, although many more arrangements are cited in the aforementioned notes. For example, goalkeepers are improved, which sometimes did not stop shots correctly when the attacker was shooting from very close, and some response errors should stop occurring when we make feints or lose possession of the ball. For those who enjoy playing alone there are also new features, reducing the frequency of CPU inputs but increasing the variety of shots that can be executed.

The update is available on PC since yesterday and should appear on consoles progressively. Fix the various problems or not, it does not seem to affect an Electronic Arts that can boast of a really striking best-seller. The soccer game is among the highlights of 2021 internationally, but in Spain specifically it also tops the monthly sales charts. In fact, it was the best seller of December, with the PS4 and Switch versions at the top of the table.

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