The New findings, the AMD processors Have Two security holes is Dangerous


Illustration of the AMD processors. (Pixabay) – Found security gaps in the new AMD processors, allows a gateway for dangerous Malware. Not just one, but two slits found on this processor.

This vulnerability found in AMD processor manufactured in the period 2011 to 2019, yesterday.

The page reported ZdnetOn Tuesday (10/3/2020), these gaps have an impact on the security of the data processed in the CPU, whereby the data stolen could be or it could be manipulated to lose the protection of the security.

First of all, this vulnerability has been published by researchers from the University of Graz, claimed already this gap to AMD in August 2019.

The researchers mention that the two slots will be called by the name of ‘Collide+probe’ and ‘Load+Reload”, which is a derivative of the slots ‘Take A Way’, the gap Ghost, the on the Intel processor.

Illustration of the AMD processors. (Pixabay)
Illustration of the AMD processors. (Pixabay)

Worse still, the second gap is found in all AMD processors for the period 2011 to 2019, including the use of the micro-architecture of Zen.

We do reverse engineering of the L1D cache AMD predictors in a microarchitecture from 2011 to 2019, and the discovery of the two techniques makes new attacks,“researchers wrote in the report, the results of the research.

In the world of cyber security, the gap of this kind are often referred to as attacks, side-channel, which can be done by exploiting the loopholes in JavaScript, through the intermediary of the browser, such as Chrome and Firefox.

Not just reported, have the researchers also solutions on AMD, so you can patch up this gap, the repairs on the side of the Hard-and software.

It is easy, in this way, any side effects that could have to a decrease in the performance of the CPU.

The results of the two-slot-new security on the AMD processors, it allows to infiltrate malicious malware. ( Tivan Grace).