The new life of an entrepreneur by Ana Victoria Beltrán, Daniela in Parents and Children

Ana Victoria Beltran
Ana Victoria Beltran

Several of the main actors and actresses of the telenovela Fathers and sons They were engraved in the memory of Colombians by their characters. The actress Ana Victoria Beltran, who played Daniela franco, now has a life away from that role and ‘behind the scenes’ of national television. A growing startup that he created during the covid-19 pandemic.

On November 23, Beltrán attended the Congress of the Republic to announce an important business signed by his company, the production company V&V (created mid 2020) with Campos Films, a Mexican company, for a joint film production.

As he said at a press conference, her dream was always to create something “amazing” in the realm of art, culture and entertainment and that is why she became an actress. However, now he has walked another path to his dream to create a production company that sets out to impact the creative industries.

Ana Victoria Beltrán and her new Mexican partners Aarón Vargas and Alitzel X. Vargas, together with the Mayor of Vélez, Angélica Mateus Santamaria
Ana Victoria Beltrán and her new Mexican partners Aarón Vargas and Alitzel X. Vargas, together with the Mayor of Vélez, Angélica Mateus Santamaria

They started as a training academy for Colombian and international actors, of which already have more than 300 students, but that has been extended to other programs such as dance, radio, television and film production with which they now hope to innovate in the visual arts of the country.

The new alliance they signed has the goal of conquering world-class industries such as Disney and Netflix. That is why the alliance with the production company Campo Films de México, directed by Aaron Vargas and Alitzel X. Vargas, who have already had several contracts with Apple TV, Amazon, Sony and other platforms. They hope to find creative and public talent to distribute content from their industry in the country, with the support of Beltrán’s company.

As both announced during the presentation of the agreement, there are already projects that are planned to be developed in the country. Even some who had been frustrated by the pandemic, or who had initially thought of Mexico.

Next Saturday, November 27, the producers of the agreement will be in the municipality of Vélez, Santander, where the municipal administration has offered support and is an ally of the Beltrán company.

But his company, which now has film production, acting academy, plays, education, also allowed him to explore another alternative path to entertainment. As revealed to the program ‘Lo Sé Todo’ on Channel 1 in July, He also created a restaurant dedicated to fast food that operates in the same headquarters of the producer and has the same name: ‘V&V Comida Bendita’.

“V&V Estudio is on one side and the restaurant is right next to the school, So that makes us very happy, to start this that we have always longed for and to be fulfilling our dreams on a daily basis. We wanted to have a hidden kitchen to be able to give lunches and it was given to us ”, revealed the actress in an interview for ‘Lo Sé Todo’.

Thus, far from the character of Daniela de Padres e Hijos, Ana Victoria has explored the path of entrepreneurship that seems to be going from strength to strength. A facet of businesswoman that keeps her happy and satisfied, grateful to all who have accompanied her.

The actress managed to build a success story in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic and shortly after having faced divorce with Elkin Leonardo Parra, whom he married in 2017, his first formal marriage, which ended in the middle of 2020. His daughter was born with him Laura Sofía in 2019.

In 2020, in the month of December, the program La Red de Caracol revealed that the actress told them that she was going through a divorce process, but He preferred not to provide details on the reasons for the separation. She assured that she was calm, as she is currently seen, and continues by her daughter’s side.


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