The new measure of the National Guard against the coronavirus in Mexico: installed filters health for travelers


Brigades of the ministry of Health of the mexican state of Sonora and the National Guard, initiated this Friday screening COVID-19 to travelers who come to Mexico for the checkpoint on the border with Arizona, United States.

Gerardo Álvarez Hernández, director of Promotion of Health and Prevention of Diseases of Sonora, reported that searches of suspected cases at points of entry to all countries of the world are based on signs and symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as fever, dry cough, and general body discomfort.

“Our brigades, which are composed by doctors, nurses, and health promoters, they make screens that consist of an interrogation-specific respiratory symptomstake the temperature with a digital thermometer, they are provided with hand sanitizers and an educational message,” said Alvarez Hernandez.

In cases with respiratory symptoms or situations of risk in the questionnaire, intervention of the Intelligence Unit for Epidemiological to take samples and give the patient follow-up in accordance with International protocols, he explained.

The official said that just this Thursday we performed the screening to approximately 9,800 travelers in central bus, airports, and border crossings between Arizona and Sonora, in addition to that since last week there were more than 50,000 reviews.

This preventative measure is carried out in the international crossings of San Luis Rio Colorado, Nogales and Agua Prieta, where the medical staff is accompanied by customs agents and the National Guard of Mexico, with the goal of detecting people with symptoms of the COVID-19.

Just in Arizona we have recorded 13 deaths, and 665 patients with COVID-19many more cases than Mexico, where it has been confirmed 585 cases, while in Sound barely there are 8 confirmed cases.

Sonora and Arizona share 568 kilometres from common border of more than 3,000 between Mexico and the united States.

The governments of Mexico and the united States, agreed to restrict crossings of its border common to matters of trade and business, limiting the travel of pleasure, health or education are not considered a priority before the global pandemic.

The ministry of Health in Sonora has performed laboratory tests 125 suspects of coronaviruses, of which 72 have already been discarded; 45 are in process; eight were positive for the disease.

Among patients with COVID-19 in Sonora has identified 160 contacts who remain in a study, which may not be discarded or will receive your high health, once you pass 14 days is the incubation period of this virus.

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