The New Power Of Women That Fashion Is Committed To

Lately a lot has been said about the power of femininity. Often, as is the case with environmental issues, it happens that a subject gets caught up in the trend, the immediate urgency, and is mistaken for the subject. trendy, And yet, as far as brands are concerned, a paradox emerges: in fact, it is fashion that makes fashion. And if we talk about a brand like Nike, which at the beginning of the century launched with its arrow the idea of ​​mobility, speed and individualism that we all know so well, we see that times change, priorities diverge, that the trumpet calls for new imperatives, new battles, new victories.

Nike hosted in Paris on July 5 goddess awakened, choreography directed by Paris Goebel, New Zealand-born dancer and athlete, born and raised in the suburbs of Auckland, the youngest of four siblings. Since training in his aunt’s garage and his father’s warehouse, he has collaborated with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna. For example the choreography of the video clip is his apologizeOne of Bieber’s most popular songs, with over a billion views in 2016.

Courtesy of Nike

Paris Goebbels is undoubtedly the story of the woman who made it happen. But the message Nike wants to convey this time is a collective one: The dance movement is a hymn to togetherness, the harmony that stems from a group of people moving in unison. The title of the performance, translated, means Goddess Awake, She Awake, Alive and tells us that the Greek goddess from which Nike takes its inspiration, the winged female figure, the bearer of strength, victory, success, is not only one today, but each of us, every woman on the planet, who, voluntarily or involuntarily, is called to respond to the dynamics that precede her, that dominate her, that define her: gender and that which accumulates in gender. ie prejudice, secularization processes, customs. , habits, attempts to control it, taboos, injunctions, expectations, ghosts.

Whether she is rich, successful, in a career or not, a woman remains marginalized and experiences situations. They are the same for everyone, established automatically by their gender, strengthened even more as one adapts without the tools to understand, separate, and deconstruct them. In the absence of pervading thinking, spokespersons and awareness across the entire social structure, women will always feel that they are suffering injustice in a vague way, without being recognised. Who, This is the sense in which Central Fizz operates, literally a research center for contemporary performance practices, housed in an old hydroelectric power plant from the early 20th century in the unreal, untouched Dolomite province of Drau.

Hatice Noit, Aura, by Ozge Cone, courtesy of Central Fizz

Among various cultural activities, it also offers three days dedicated entirely to women’s issues, called feminist future, It takes place from 14 to 16 July, Friday evening to Sunday, to allow working men and women to participate in line with working hours. And joining a community organization is actually a form of action, not just taking a week off from work and relaxing at a beach resort. feedback Which is fitting for a society that is about to change once and for all.

The proposed workshops are variable, variable, from debates to artistic installations, from meetings with Selma Selman, Florin Flueres, Mila Koistinen, Chiara Bersani, Stina Fores, Thais Di Marco, to performances by musical groups from the gay movement, such as Hatice Noite, Witch Club Satan, Marina Herlope Rifugio Amore. Just to name a few, Florin Fleuras in the exhibition uniimageExplore politics, philosophy, spirituality, health, media, education, literature, unshakable traditions and certainties.

Thais Di Marco, Blood Shower, photo by Roberta Segata

witch club devil unites music, theater and politics through the blasphemous image of the “witch”, the quintessential female counterpart, an archetype ironically re-adopted today, but which led to the deaths of thousands of women who were accused of black magic by religious institutions as they rebelled against subjection, subjugation, mysticism. Inspired by WITCH (Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy From Hell) activists, she performs a show on black metal notes.

blood splatter By Thais Di Marco – Director of Queer and Decolonial Performing Arts – is a performative work that seeks to give an artistic meaning to the criminalization and marginalization of protests in the streets around the world. Above all, the natives of the Amazon forest, who have been kept out of the cycle of progress by Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who has repeatedly announced that he intends to relocate, under the guise of a so-called need to civilize the populations left behind, have been effectively stripped of the very ecosystem they help to maintain and preserve.

Chiara Bersani, photo by Lorenza Davario

Women also often have to face the same problem. Current liberation movements seek to advance the concept that feminism is the victim of a masculine and predatory attitude that believes items Involves what surrounds him and what his hands take: animals, nature, landscape. so on this occasion feminist school Organized by Mihaela Dragan, Sara Marchesi, Muna Musi, in conversation with Zasha Kola and Chiara Bersani, a text from the late eighteenth century is presented: feminism or death By François d’Aubon, translated for the first time in Italy and published by Prospeto Editore.

Anticipating today’s view by nearly two centuries, the French activist wrote that the patriarchal structure represented the common denominator of women’s oppression and exploitation of the planet. She first coined the term “ecofeminism”. So there is no reference to new roles to be played by women at work, in the family, as citizens without any parallel discussion Moral, All the categories that make up the world we live in must participate in a slow, gradual, drastic metamorphosis, including fashion. As François d’Aubon pointed out, it is a matter of actual existence.

Stina Fores, A Mouthful of Tongues, photo by Franzi Kreis

Miu Miu is also moving in this direction by commissioning story of women, a series of short films directed by internationally renowned women directors. The world of luxury and image cannot stop itself from wondering how it has contributed to the undermining of women by imposing unrealistic beauty standards, the so-called “myths of beauty” described by Naomi Wolf. To achieve the physiological perfection required of the system’s models, models and operators, punitive perturbations were necessary such as dieting, fasting, exhausting fitness sessions as well as performing isolated tasks that were supposed to elicit sensation. deserve earned the position.

The stories proposed by Miu Miu once again attempt to communicate with women: they showcase intimate, imaginary, secret worlds in which women try to understand who they are, how they feel, what they want. Westerners, Easterners, from the noisy Vucciria district of Naples or from Tunisian metropolises, young or experienced, noirThere are over twenty: autobiographical or comical. The twenty-eighth short film will be presented at the Venice Film Festival.

Courtesy of Miu Miu

The latest collections of the brand appear as a means of comprehensive reflection on the relationship of the protagonist with clothes, accessories, his wardrobe. Is vanity, nowadays, still tainted by the arguments of power which try to appease male expectations? And what’s liberating about a woman who likes herself and is confident? These are pregnant questions, given an era dominated by the self-worship of social networks, which rides fashion, shows itself to be democratic and welcoming. But often, unfortunately, this is just an illusion.

Mexican Leila Aviles narrates the story of a girl from Mexico City who dreams of becoming an operatic soprano. She’s told that the mouth is exactly twice the size of the eye: a rule that almost divine universe reacts to, surprisingly not used by cosmetic surgeons to get touch-ups on women of any age. Thus the Catalan Carla Simone examines the nostalgic, delicate and painful relationship that runs between exponents of different generations, the thread that extends from grandmothers to mothers and daughters. me and the stupid boy A story about the beginnings of sexuality in the body of Tunisian teenager Nora and the first feelings of love.

Courtesy of Miu Miu

Here are some possible examples. All these topics are directly related to fashion, that is, to clothing, which defines the stages, ages, moments of all women’s existence: appointments, parties, auditions, interviews, pregnancy. First parties, first love. Women’s alternative experiences are in constant dialogue with the fashion the fashion represents to them. That’s why it’s so important.

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