The new president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, appointed minister to Auronplay


The surrealism of Twitter do not stop to amaze us. To put in context to the readers, about what you are going to count in the following lines, we have to talk about the latest political developments in El Salvador. This country has been named president, relatively recently, to Nayib Bukele.

Despite being one of the most important figures of the country, not lack the time to devote to another facet that seemed to hide: star of Twitter. During the last few weeks, he has made several comments through the social networks have ended up becoming viral so absurd and crazy that you have finished looking.

However, in the last hours has been given, a situation that has passed in surrealism to everything that had happened previously. On this occasion, the involved has been AuronPlay, one of the creators of content most famous of our country.

During a ‘discussion’ on Twitter with Perxitaa, the youtuber got in the middle of the conversation praising the hard hand and the conclusions in the who had answered the current president of El Salvador. Obviously, it was a joke from the beginning, but the joke in this social network is the order of the day.

But if this may seem like something extravagant because, in the end, it is the president of a country arguing with two content creators Spanishwhat happened after that, it just is so surreal that you can look up to truth.

Nayib Bukele put another tweet in which he named AuronPlay minister of YouTube by presidential decree. Obviously, the youtuber we continued the game without hesitation and assured that defend the position with honor and abduscan, a joke that you usually use in your videos.

The rest you can imagine. We ended up doing viral and went in to the cloth many other content creators, from all parts of the world, to echo the conversation. It is a joke but, at least on this occasion, is not relating to AuronPlay with drugs or with terrorist actions, something that happens regularly.