The new remedies against Covid recommended by the WHO

The micron variant It seems to be the new great threat and vaccines are the solution to curb contagion and mitigate the severity of cases. In a context of accelerated infections, the WHO recommended two new drugs.

According to international media reports, sotrovimab and baricitinib These are the new remedies that are added to three others that the body has already tried to combat Sars-Cov-2.

These are a series of synthetic antibodies, the first of them; while the second is a general medicine that is used to fight against rheumatoid polyarthritis.

However, despite the optimism generated by the news, its application is not for the use of any person, but rather for specific clinical conditions.

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The WHO recommends it for patients who tested positive without severe symptoms. Despite this, he is at high risk of hospitalization for pre-existing health conditions.


Recommended for patients “suffering from severe or critical Covid”, this must be supplied with corticosteroids.

It is essential to prevent deaths, since it improves the survival rate and reduces the need to use mechanical respiration.

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