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The new Selena Gómez aims to be one of the best mystery series of the year

Although a Selena Gomez we have it better located as a musical artist than as an actress, the truth is that the singer of A Year Without Rain or Naturally He continues to develop his career before the cameras with more than interesting projects. We saw him in 2019 when he worked with Woody Allen on Rainy day in New York, or when that same year he was part of the stellar cast of The dead don’t die by Jim Jarmusch with Bill Murray, Adam Driver or Tilda Swinton. Now, the singer adds what seems like a new success to her acting career with Only murders in the building, a new Hulu series that will be broadcast in our country by Disney + whose first reviews point to a fun, twisted and refreshing series of crimes and mystery.

Selena Gomez in Only Building Murders (Photo: Craig Blankenhorn / Hulu / Disney +)

Selena Gomez in Only Building Murders (Photo: Craig Blankenhorn / Hulu / Disney +)

The series, created by John Robert Hoffman and the legendary Steve Martin, he tells us the account of how three crime story fans are involved in a real murder case. As its title indicates, the action takes us inside a building on the Upper West Side of New York, a place where a death has just occurred under strange circumstances and which leads to these three people -interpreted by Selena Gómez, the Steve Martin himself and also comedian Martin Short– to delve into an investigation full of twists and turns.

It seems that this story will be one of the sensations of the year, or at least for the first critics who have had the chance to see it. And it is that after the appearance of the first reviews on the internet, Only murders in the building has obtained 100% positive reviews on platforms such as Rotten tomatoes and a high score of 79/100 on other pages like Metacritic. And beyond the notes, among the different publications you can read countless compliments towards this production that can be seen on Disney + from August 31.

From media like Rolling Stone qualify Only murders in the building What a “satisfyingly twisted and attractive” story which, apart from notably playing with its plot of mysteries, has very complete characters, delves into homage and humor in the style of movies and series such as The engaged princess, Galaxy quest or Jane the virgin, and ends up becoming quite an addition.

This is also qualified by other publications such as that of Collider or that of the Arizona Republic, from which they also emphasize the good interpretive work of the series, especially that of Selena Gomez. “Of course, Martin and Short have a great relationship, a kind of comic shorthand and perfect timing. But Gomez joins immediately: a kind of deadpan, biting presence that keeps the other two in check and adds a much appreciated contemporary contributionThey admit about the work of the actress and singer.

Media like TV Line go further and highlight the Hitchcoknian references from which he drinks Only murders in the building, noting that the series “points to our strange fascination with the horrible deaths of other people “, mixes it with “A barrage of sharp laughter” and is enhanced by having “Interpretive legends” in his cast as Steve Martin and Martin Short. Also, apart from pointing out that it is reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock films such as The rear window, also refers to other titles such as the intrigue comedy Mysterious murder in Manhattan by Woody Allen.

In reviews such as Entertaiment Weekly they give a more tempered opinion and admit that it is “Difficult to get rid of the feeling that the series missed the opportunity to do something special”, Nevertheless, they also fall in love with its kindness and write that “Offers above-average laughs, clever mystery, and a great all-star cast”. In fact, on his score they give him a good 75/100. And they think something similar from The Playlist, a medium that talks about actors who are too tight to the script and about repetitive rhythms that make them lose the opportunity to be a more satisfactory series, although they also talk about a good crime story that stands out thanks to its clever humor. And is that Only murders in the building It seems to point to being one of the sensations of mystery of this 2021.

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