The new September issue of AD is already on the newsstand.

The cover of the new September issue of AD on newsstands features John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s family home in Beverly Hills. The superstar couple opened the doors of their new home exclusively to AD to share how they created a welcoming and vibrant environment, also thanks to the help of architect Jake Arnold, the world-famous designer among the main characters of AD 100.

A unique home with attention to detail that will captivate AD readers all over the world: “In order to give our readers everything, to be together, different and united by elegance and exclusivity, we have decided to publish the same cover in every issue of AD International. AD Europe. An AD world that sends style signals in design, fashion and the art of travel.” he claims Francesca Santambrogio, Head of Editorial Content at AD Italia.

The issue will also include Scala Nicelli, one of the most beautiful airports in the world, designed in 1935 by Mario Emmer in a rationalistic style on the Venetian Lido and today the temporary headquarters of the Nina Yasar Gallery; for Ettore Spalletti’s private rooms in Pescara and for a new focus on Capri, the city where the last edition of NOMAD took place, in which AD was the protagonist.

It will also be possible to get lost in insights on New York’s Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue, the marvelous Los Angeles residence designed by John Lautner, which turns sixty this year, and the Cathedral of Santiago the Apostle in Managua, one of the buildings featured in the Atlas” Inside strange architecture.

The news continues on social networks: in fact, from August 30, as well as online and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest profiles, it will be possible to follow AD Italia also on TikTok. Unpublished tours revealing the reality of perfection will be posted on the video sharing platform every week, from the world of hospitality to craftsmanship, through iconic architecture, museums, foundations and, obviously, dream homes.

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