The new song, Doja Cat is inspired by a video of TikTok and walk into the mouth of all


Doja Cat is on Fire the social networks

The social networks are a window very important for the musical artists, because thanks to them we can see the latest releases, including live and in color.

The musical evolution, each decade is very different; for tastes are changing, in the beginning the rock it was considered as universal music and now, it seems to be that the trap, hip hop and reggaeton came to stay.

Today, the singer Doja Cat posted a new song titled “Say So”that , according to the users, a young man of TikTok invented the dance we can see in the video.

Here the new song:

This is a video of TikTok to which they relate:

Born with the name of Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini, but known by her artistic name of Doja Catis a girl of 24 years a native of Los Angeles, California and daughter of the producer and composer Dumisani Dlamini.

The new breed of musicians can help us to refresh our ears, how is the case of Doja Cat and their musical style could be defined between hiphop and R & B. For now, the new video is sensational singer, is on trend and up to now has generated more than half a million reproductions in your YouTube channel.

Non-conformity, also the users of social networks have generated some good memes and happened have highlighted the musical quality this rapper.

Here the best memes of Doja Cat: