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The new teaser for “The Walking Dead 11” showed the return of the King

Already next month it will be possible to watch the final, 11th season of the post-apocalyptic drama series about zombies. The Walking Dead has posted two short videos on the official Twitter account of the upcoming finale.

In particular, the first video announced the return of the eccentric King Ezekiel, who first appeared in the 7th season. In the second teaser, a few offscreen moments were revealed to the audience.

Previously, fans were shown mysterious masked marauders, who are called the Reapers. Apparently, they will stop at nothing to track down Maggie and her friends Elijah and Cole. The unhappy souls of those who fell victim to the Reapers remain forever “tied” to the side of the road.

To put an end to the large-scale story, the creators of the series filmed 24 episodes, so the final season had to be divided into two parts. The first half of the new, 11th season of The Walking Dead will air on AMC + on August 15, while AMC is slated to premiere on August 22.

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