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With redesigned stages and improved audio-visual systems, Sziget 2023 will be more spectacular. Hugely popular among citizens, and internationally one of a kind: theart of freedom, filling the island with stunning works of art and spectacular installations. The now-iconic “K” Bridge, which leads to Liberty Island, was slated to be renovated in 2022, so it will be possible to redecorate. An important novelty of this year is elimination of chemical toilets, which will be replaced with real sanitary blocks, providing a new level of convenience to all visitors. It should be remembered that Sziget is one of the few major festivals where Basic camping is included in the ticket price Always – for both 6- and 3-day passes, but also for day passes if you have at least 2 consecutive days. A stay at the Sziget campsite is a magical experience, capable of making the festival a truly emotional journey that only Freedom Island is capable of providing. And those seeking even more comfort can opt for an upgraded campsite (Siesta and Park Camping), or for accommodation glamping In sziget ville or in podpadopolis,

Billie Eilish, David Guetta, Florence + The Machine, Imagine Dragons, Sam Fender, Yungblood, Falls, Jamie XX, M83, Moderate, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Niall Horan, Macklemore, Lorde, Mimi Webb, Sven Veith, Mimi Webb, Nothing But Thieves, Two Feet, V**gra Boys, Emile And The Sniffers, 070 Shake, TV Girl, Dixon, Baby Queen, The Comet Is Coming, Younger, Los Bichos, Destroy Boys, Kelly Lee Owens, Mall Grab , Partyboy69 , Mercury For Cuevas, Jungle By Night, Yune Pinku, Hannah Grey, Yung Lean, Girl In Red, Caroline Polachek, Arlo Parks, ARJ, Easy Life, Falls, Bonobo, Loyal Corner, Moderate, Jeff Mills, Sleaford Mods, Reinier Zonneveld Live, Mochak, SG Lewis, Ben Böhmer, Uncle Waffles, Giant Roux, I Hate Models, Cobosil, VTSS, Confidence Man, Son Mix, Mall Grab, Acid Arab Live, DJ Tennis, Shlomo, 99999999, HernaSauna XXL, Patrick Mason, TXC, Bizzy, Yune Pinku Dj Set, Call Me Karizma, Joseman, Lucie Antunes, Colour, Hannah Grey, Queralt Lahoj, Anna FR, 47ter, Leyo, The Haunted Youth, Lass, M. Bird, Stain The Canvas.

Italian line-up: Laza, Vinicio Capocella, Half-Blood, French Saints, Extra Smooth, Meganoids, Studio Morena, Savannah Funk, Dumbo Gets Mad, The Big Ska Swindle, Palmaria

artists of main stage It features big global stars as well as new, exciting emerging talent. Laza will be for the first time in Hungary! After the success in Sanremo with CENERE, which has already collected more than 92MLN total streams and four platinum records, and after setting an absolute record of durability on n. 1 FIMI Records with the album SIRIO (Island Records), Laza will appear before Lorde and Macklemore on August 14.

Headliners will be: florence + machine on August 10, then imagine Dragons, David Guetta, Mumford & Sons, Two headliners will take the stage on August 14: lorde And macklemorethen one of the biggest stars of our time, winner of an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Grammy billie eilishWho will perform in Hungary for the first time.

even in the main stage event we still find Sam Fender, Falls, Yungblood, Niall Horan, Son Mix, Mimi Webb, Arlo Park, AJR, Caroline Polachek, Laza, Girl in Red, Carson Coma, Helot Paynez, Easy Life.

This year the center of EDM is right there again party arenaWhere different international party brands will be presented each day: Q-Dance, Awakenings, Rampage, Next Level, Higher Ground, B Massive and Born of Music Addiction and in the line-up we also find Adam Beyer, Reinier Zonneveld, Diplo, and Italian techno superstar, Our Story.

Bringing together the best of alternative electronic music ticket swap colosseum Sziget’s – an impressive stage reminiscent of ancient amphitheater – returns with a renovated look and equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, and will host over 60 artists over the 6-day festival: Sven Wyeth, I Hate Models, Jeff Mills, DJ Tennis, Mall Grab and CobosilJust to name a few.

giant marquee mastercard freedom Collects alternative music artists. Among others, English producer, musician and DJ bonoboEnglish hip-hop artist Loyal Corner, deep and progressive house musician ben bohmer And jamie xx There will be a performance by English indie pop band The XX. is also a German electronic music supergroup moderateenglish rock band nothing but thievesFrench-American electronic music project M83Group punk emily and the sniffers,

on the back light stage, with a significant Italian representation. This year’s beautiful country artists include names like extra smooth With his “Ballroom Punk”, I Meganoids Historical Italian punk/ska-core band that will appear with a very rock set; french saint X Factor 2022 winners “It’s Not That Bad” duo Study More who will hit the stage with a rap/hiphop/jazz fusion style, Savannah Funk and their tremendous psychedelic live e dumbo goes crazy Italian pop/psychedelic duo formed in Los Angeles, EI Red roomA young rock and roll band rediscovering a fresh and explosive energy thanks to its frontman Gianluca Amoruso also able to juggle fearlessly with billy joe Did green day during Live at the Milan Hippodrome in 2022.

new stage dropyard, which debuted last year to much acclaim, features some of the most exciting break, hip-hop, and rap artists from nearly every corner of the globe. Like last year, this time too dance and hip-hop will dominate the stage program in the early afternoon.

Ale’europe internship There will be a new venue, but unchanged enthusiasm and rich program. The main purpose of the stage is to showcase not yet established, but very talented Italian bands such as: Xiao Ivan, Mudblood And stain canvas,

again, the phase of global village Invites the best of world music from the Balkans to South America, Mali to Korea and India to the Middle East. The program includes a variety of unique rhythms, languages ​​and instruments, while musical styles range from traditional folk to electronic music. scheduled Vinicio Capocella, Circus Raj, Cozza Mostra, Al-Qasr, Shahzad Santu Khan, Comuna Lux, The Langan Band, Baklava Blues Serious efforts.

Other Music Venues on the Island: The Music Boxsinger-songwriter stage, stereo stage With timeless hits and K-pop workshops, Tribute Internship for cover bands, Everness Chill Garden Sziget Beach.

Cirque du Sziget, one of the most loved places by Schnitzens, will return to its usual location, but with an even richer programming. From noon until late into the night, the massive 1,000-seat Pavilion and adjacent open-air stage will be filled with exciting performances from leading companies around the world: Circa, Amaucanama Circus, La Putyaka, Cirque Alphonse, Das Arnac, Manoamano, Colokolo’s Chouf Le Cieletc.

Magic Mirror Celebrating love, happiness and acceptance for over two decades. It is a place where visitors can momentarily surrender, discover themselves and learn all they can about the LGBTQ+ community, asking everything they never dared to ask. From engaging film screenings, panel discussions, workshops and stand-up comedy to concerts, the event has everything that makes a community truly colourful.

Theater-and-Dance Zone Two outdoor stages and a grassy arena offer a range of events for those interested in contemporary dance and theatre. Every day from noon to evening there will be performances from 12 different countries – including Cuban, Mozambican, Swiss, Hungarian, French and Italian artists.

travel entertainment fair – The amusement park, created by Teatro Karjat, the custodian of the traditions of Hungarian fair entertainment, will surprise Szczecin with magical shows and games.

other non-musical stages: Fabulous Walking Street Theatre, Living Sculptures, art fieldThe most visited place during the day which hosts artistic workshops then round table think for tomorrow where they would debate the social issues of our day, the region sexual detox Produced by the Museum of Applied Arts gamelandhub For lovers of board games, there is the Before I Die Wall, G Chink Labyrinth, Sport By Jana area, NGO Island, where you can get to know many organizations and fascinating and influential people working in the non-profit sector. XS Land (Ability Park)where we can personally experience what it’s like to live with a variety of disabilities, and sziget beach,

In addition to LightStage’s intense programming, several Italian artists are conquering the island: shame The third Italian artist in the festival’s 30 years to perform on the main stage, only Jovanotti (2006) and Subsonica (2010) preceded them. Our Story (Party Arena), Vinicio Capocella (global village), Xiao Ivan (Europe Internship), stain canvas (Europe Internship), half Blood (Europe Internship), 999999999 (Colosseum), DJ Tennis (Colosseum), 43.nine (Europe Stage – Winner of the Italian Festival Pass selection) and asymptomatic (Colosseum). The list will be further extended to include artists performing in dance theater and circus arts.

Sziget is one of the most popular international festivals by the Italian public, who already in 1995 discovered a place that, according to many, represented a real island of toys. This long and productive collaboration with the Hungarian event has allowed to develop an intense and effective rapport also in the service of Italian music, offering a very important exposure and consolidating a presence that no other European festival has. is not found in After all, Italy was the third country in terms of number of foreign visitors to the event in 2022.

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