The new video from John Mayer for the New Light is so bad that it’s good I Look at him!


John Mayer you do not need too much production to impress.

The singer took a break from their tutorials beauty Instagram to record a cheesy video clip of the lead single from her eighth studio album. “I needed to make a video for New Light and no one would agree with the budget,” joked the singer on Twitter. “So I went to the center of the city and hired a company that usually makes videos of birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs”.

Dress in dirty clothes and not exactly your size, the songwriter stood in front of a green screen and announced, “I’m John Mayer and I am ready to be a star!”. Then we incorporated digitally archive material, thanks to the team of the company Celebrity Status Music Video Service.

Musically, Mayer is having fun again, something I hadn’t done in their last few albums. “When you get to this age, what’s great about being 40 is that you have seen the life time of the opinions of the people. For me the horizon is very broad now,” explained two weeks ago in an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 of Apple Music. “I’ve removed selectively from certain things. I withdrew from the idea that this song that you will hear will make me a star… a star bigger, and I’m going to win Record of the Year. That depends on other people now, simply I’m thrilled at the fact that today I can do anything”.

New Lighthe said, “it was not easy to write, lyrically. You wrote non-sequence”. To begin, first thought to be in the chorus and the second verse. “I had to write the first verse using reverse engineering to have sense. I had to break some codes”. It should be an effortless process, but confessed, “I went crazy for two weeks.”

Mayer has not yet announced the title nor the release date of his upcoming album.