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The next Fortnite concert brings Ariana Grande

Next concert Fortnite brings her Ariana Grande. Epic Games continues the list of superstar concerts in Fortnite.

The next Fortnite concert brings Ariana Grande

The developer revealed a series of concerts Rift Tour. The first concert will have none other than the pop singer Ariana Grande. The first concert takes place on August 6 at 18:00 East, with subsequent performances on August 7 and 8 to ensure that users in other areas can log in.

The developer warns users to log in early (one hour before the show). Playlist Rift Tour will be broadcast 30 minutes in advance. It will not be surprising to see that there will also be themed cosmetics.

Users can choose an Ariana outfit to look like a pop star, and Piggy Smallz Back Bling adds a nice note while users eliminate rivals from Battle Royale. Both should appear in the item store Fortnite on August 4 at 20:00 East and concert participants will receive an umbrella glider.

As in the case of J Balvin, Travis Scott and other performers taken in Fortnite, this is so appealing to new users that they are convinced to come back.

It is also remarkable that Epic is expanding its range of artists to include female stars. In theory, Grande could help attract users who would not otherwise play Fortnite. Although only a fraction of them remain after the concert.

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