The Next stop for Harvey Weinstein: the string


For someone who, for decades, was made and dumped to work in Hollywood, your hotel, the pleasure, the fall is fatal. Is Accused of a siege of more than eighty women, from October 2017, the trigger of the movement #MeToo —, Harvey Weinstein, 67 years of age, ex-all-powerful and film producer, who went out in the first trial, in New York, with two sentences in coasts, for the sexual abuse and rape. The jury’s verdict, after five days of deliberations, still less than that of the victims of the Weinstein, who had hoped, as they fell out of the third prosecutor’s office, a sexual predator and stubborn, that it could give up to life imprisonment. However, it was very celebrated, as a turning point with her, she falls to the ground and the curtain of impunity that has always protected assediadores of the purchase of the Weinstein. Presented for more than two months after the surgery of the spine, of course, to appear to the court of justice of the cart, and with an expression of pain, he was still chained to an ambulance, which took him to the prison of Rikers Island. Half way, started poorly, with the sweating and the high blood pressure, and that has been admitted to a hospital in the city.

The resolution of the Weinstein, will be published in the march 11, by the double crime, you can get a penalty of up to 25 years in prison. Due to their state of health, and at the risk of being threatened by the common prisoners, who must hold in Rikers Island, and when, finally, it is there, in a cell, in particular, with the right to bathroom and a telephone number for payment, but once the penalty that is set will go to a prison common, an incredible destination for the owner, along with his brother Bob, the studio Miramax, responsible for such hits as “Pulp Fiction (violent times), and “Shakespeare in love”, the winner of seven Oscar awards, in the year 1999.

The mobilization at the global level, antiassédio spread from the publication in the american press, the first allegations that Weinstein had made a lot of artists both beginners and the exploitation of their career, in exchange for sexual favors. The scandal that has grown like a snowball unstoppable, and presented the portfolio of him, against celebrities including Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie — brought by one of them, in the middle of a big commotion. Weinstein, has come to admit that he had caused “a great amount of pain,” and learn to ask for forgiveness, despite the fact that it has always insisted the sex was consensual. Miramax bankruptcy, but in one of his personal finances, which seem solid: the payment of bail of $ 1 million dollars to the expect of the trial in freedom, and has hired a battalion of lawyers and consultants, among them that of an expert in one of the prisons), to try to get rid of the jail. The defense announced that they will appeal the decision, or, even, to try to cancel the process, arguing that the judge James Burke, of the lack of an exception.

Weinstein, who has benefited from the fact that most of the attacks reported by women in these two and a half years and already has been prescribed. Of by yes, no, no, in January, and the defence reached an agreement for about us $ 25 million, paid for by the insurance company) with a thirty victims in order to ensure that you put a stone in the theme. But, even so, the accountability, this has not finished: the office of the prosecutor of Los Angeles, confirmed that the accusation made by the two women who had been raped by him, in 2013, and a new process that awaits the city, and there is still no definite date. In this, Weinstein, former head of the virgin, which will come, as a condemned criminal. It has been a great victory in the #MeToo.

Published in the CONSULTATION of the 4 of march the year 2020, in its issue n ° 2676