The NFT bubble bursts: Madonna and Justin Bieber are involved. MCC Services

Investors are suing Sotheby’s for overpricing digital art. The role of well-known testimonials is discussed, as Strisha la Noticia said.

The reason that revolves around collection From monkey License plate Bored Ape Yacht Club this is just the last part a crisis belonging nftnon-game tokens‘, representing a document of ownership and a certificate of authenticity, written in Blockchainsfrom’digital artwork and what they were selling Online even at very high prices. As explains Corriere della Sera August 24 group investors started one grade action against Auction house Sotheby’s. Even celebrities such as Madonna AND Justin Bieber to whom they have given themselves to advertise digital collection, with the accusation that she managed to inflate the prices of some copies. Result? A very bad investments cost thousands of dollars. If in 2021 the NFT market won the title of the most industry profitable within cryptocurrenciesit didn’t take long to realize we were facing the same bubble which, instead of exploding, slowly deflates. Delete news he often talked to us about NFT with services Marco Camisani Calzolari.

Nft and celebrities: Striscia service

Marco Camisani Calzolari in service Strip 2022, he told us about Nft and the problem that arose in United Stateswhere 17 star international, including Madonna, Paris Hilton, Eminem AND Gwyneth Paltrow hit the target government bodies who regulate the financial market for the non-transparent practice of simultaneously promoting and investing NFTs, without saying what is really behind it. But even earlier, in 2021,envoy belonging satirical news explained in the report what Nfts is and why some believe – erroneously – that it is a digital revolution on par with bitcoins.

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