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Once you say goodbye to bikinis and sarongs, it’s time for the fall season. List of benefits of changing seasons: trees are painted red, wearing knee-high boots every time, turtleneck sweaters, a subtle but fundamental transition in the wardrobe towards shades of red and brown, cinnamon candies, hats, attractive scarves and, finally, return of jackets. Anyone who says they don’t miss wearing them is probably lying. Jackets are one of the most interesting items that can be redesigned and changed every season. They are a designer favorite as well as a favorite subject of annual trends. But what kind of jackets are fashionable for fall-winter 2023/2024?

Suede like in the seventies

The return of suede jackets can be attributed to Ferragamo, who laid the foundations of a new trend with his Spring-Summer 2023 collection. A seventies icon, the suede jacket is versatile and elegant, sophisticated enough to go down in the annals of fashion. There are two favorite models: with fringe reminiscent of the far west – for model Lena Khoshek, we recommend choosing it along with a long dress and Texas boots – or classic, with sophisticated details. Rouje creates exquisite images of stitching that is hidden in suede fabric and looks absolutely delicious. For a French look: a white T-shirt, straight-leg jeans and loafers.

Bomber, oversized and vintage

Vintage or brand new, the exceptionally large bomber jacket, which can be worn with very short dresses or cargo pants, is one of the most popular items at the moment. Its comeback is likely due to a combination of factors: It Girls – a la Hailey Bieber – who choose it as a key piece in their wardrobes and the catwalks who choose it as an evergreen item for autumn-winter 2023/2024 – Miu Miu and Saint Laurent -. The worn effect gives it character and surrounds it with a mysterious charm: it’s not difficult to understand why it’s impossible not to fall in love with Kulakovsky’s jacket right away. Instead, it creates a cocoon effect like Acne Studios, square and plump at the same time.

2023 is the year of denim

For reference, denim is also coming back for fall/winter 2023/2024. And he makes the jacket, which has always ended up being one of his favorite faces. This year, the denim jacket returns to its roots and makes you rediscover the pleasure of a classic. Icon Denim – the credo of denim lovers, the American brand loved by the Hadid sisters – presents the perfect black denim jacket – model Eve-. No frills, it’s beautiful because it’s her, in her purest essence. Oversized size, can be worn with pleated miniskirts. Continuing the oversized theme, we can say for sure: Outland Denim and specifically the model. Eddie’s denim jacket in ecru.

Like in the Matrix

Malen BirgenBUY NOW

Photo courtesy of Malene Birger

The leather coat is not missing from the list. Which has remained a favorite ever since Trinity, Neo and Morpheus introduced the world to The Matrix. ABC of autumn style: classic leather trench coat, long, tie at waist and sunglasses. The only exception is the By Malene Birger model, which allows itself the luxury of unusual pockets. It’s not lost: a charming, unforgettable, classic, timeless leather trench coat from Saint Laurent. It doesn’t need any explanation, it’s simply flawless.

Red passion

The phenomenon of the red jacket is a success that seems to have no equal. Start by showing up on the runway with re-dressed red spots on jackets and coats. Then an unexpected phenomenon appears in the world of social media: the red bomber jacket. Top, with seams at the waist. This is from The Room Antwerp, it’s an unprecedented phenomenon on Tik Tok and Gen Z is crazy about it. It becomes par excellence the most anticipated jacket of the season and plays a fundamental role in the red color trend. Ideal couple? White jeans and burgundy Adidas Samba. The red color does not leave itself behind even in the evening, in patent leather, short and with darker details: the proposal of Alessandro Henriques has everything it needs to become the favorite of the moment. With a fifties skirt you will take a noticeable leap into the past. On the contrary, short dresses and mules are the favorite look for autumn-winter 2023/2024.

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