The Nike Calm Slide, Swoosh’s New Slipper Has Arrived

Everything is ready for the official launch at home Nike of the brand new Calm Slide, Single-body open-toe sandal designed for summer. Although the official release on the Nike website is scheduled for July 14, 2023, images of the slides in all available colors follow each other on the web and there’s clearly been no shortage of accusations against the brand to draw inspiration from. Not there. YEEZY Slides have been talked about.

5 colors of cool slides

Less than a month after their official debut, the Calm Slides are already raising hips like only Nike can.
Featuring a comfortable fit and a minimalist look, the slipper will be available in 5 colors: “Black”, “Sail”, “Sesame”, “Gode Teal” and “Jade Ice”. Made from rubber and branded with the iconic Swoosh embossing on the side, they have a notched sole with deep grooves, designed to enjoy excellent grip on the ground. The slip-ons will cost around €50 a pair and are unisex.

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Maxi volume for total comfort

The Calm slides, with their volume and comfortable fit, are designed to be worn for many hours, effectively making them a substitute for any other shoe. The trend of wearing slippers as a clown is not exactly new. Adidas, Asics and many other sports brands have long known what role a simple pair of slippers can play in creating a non-trivial summer outfit. In recent years, in fact, there has been a real revolution, which has since turned into a trend appreciated by actors and singers as well. If before slippers were just a shoe to be tossed around the house with a certain trepidation, now we see it with a new look, which opens the door to a new idea where “comfortable” is certainly also beautiful.

nike cool slide |  Life & People Magazine

recall air force 1

It is impossible not to notice the resemblance to the famous Air Force 1, Nike’s legacy is too large and precious not to be taken advantage of in attracting all lovers of the brand. The union between Nike tradition and innovation makes the Calm Slide the essential solution for those who do not want to give up wearing the brand even in summer. The feud between adidas and Kanye West, Yeezy is well known. The German brand has apparently cut ties with the rapper following his unfortunate anti-Semitic statements, despite the multi-million dollar collaboration between the two.

nike cool slide |  Life & People MagazineShortly before his departure, West had created the Yeezy Slides for Adidas, slippers with the incomprehensible design designed by the same singer; after a misunderstanding, the sports giant withdrew them from the market with immediate effect. Shortly after, adidas came out with its Adilite 22, another slip-on model, which according to the rapper was clearly copied from his previous slides. But if the saying goes that “between two litigants the third enjoys”, Nike They couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to launch their slip-ons, which already got fans excited, who will notice a suspicious resemblance to the now-defunct Yeezy Slides. The new Nike slippers have already garnered tons of support for their genderless look and their pop of colors, proving that style is always the only thing that matters.

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