The Nike shoes Agassi rejected and the shoes sponsored by Alcaraz

The Spanish tennis player made it to the semi-finals of the US Open with a 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 victory over Alexander Zverev. They will face Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev tomorrow Friday. Nobody can stop young Carlos Alcaraz. But it wasn’t just his game (and his wins) that got people talking, it was his gear. The tennis player from Murcia was making his US Open debut with an injury to German opponent Dominik Koepfer, and Nike took the opportunity to launch a new collection of clothing designed especially for him, Therefore, it launched its own sports series. Just like Federer and Nadal at the time.

A few days ago, the media’s attention was attracted by him changing from the short-sleeved shirt he wore through last season to the sleeveless shirt he wore a few days ago. This white piece features a bold blue, purple and orange print on the front. The design was criticized by some and rationalized and praised by others, who argued that it was clearly inspired by the work of Joan MirĂ³.

Above, Carlos Alcaraz wears the Nike Zoom Courtposite Supreme. In that regard, he’s wearing a new jersey in his first match at the 2023 U.S. Open with prints that have drawn attention.

On his first day in New York, Carlos Alcaraz took to Instagram to show off a gift from Nike.In the first photo posted on his profile, he shows His first name and the number 23 are printed on the jersey, perhaps in memory of Michael Jordan. Others say it’s a bit ironic, given that Novak Djokovic has won 23 Grand Slams.In addition, he also posted a photo with him Nike Mac Attack sneakersA tribute to tennis player McEnroe and a collaboration with superstar A$AP Rocky. He could be seen wearing them after his first match at the US Open.It also includes some photos Nike Vapor Prowhich he wore against Kopfer a few days later, along with a backpack with motto young prince.But the most interesting thing is that they include Easter Egg This caught everyone’s attention.

Some of the shoes Nike gave Alcaraz in New York, the tennis player posted on his Instagram profile.

The world number one tennis player also posted a photo with his sneakers Nike’s future collaboration with Supremethis Nike Zoom Courtposite, an iconic silhouette that belonged to the Alpha Project collection in the late 90s. The Supreme model presents some distinctive features.he superior The exterior of the Nike Zoom Courtposite Supreme is completely covered in gold for an eye-catching look. Posite material is known for its durability and ability to mold to the foot for a custom fit. Supreme branding stands out on the side with raised lettering and gold, adding an extra element of style and authenticity to the shoe. The logo also appears on the tongue.he whirlwind The Nike toe box is strategically placed in the toe box, just where the laces end, for a more discreet sizing compared to other Nike models.

Instagram photo of Carlos Alcaraz wearing tennis player jersey and Nike Zoom Courtposite Supreme.

This style can be seen at the launch of the new Supreme collection, albeit with great care.appear in one of the photos read a book FW23, although neither Nike nor Supreme has made an official debut. Collaborations between the two companies always generate great anticipation and demand among collectors and followers of the two brands, just like their first collaboration in 2019. One company’s athletic heritage and another’s distinctive style make products desirable. Fashion and special editions.

Pictured is a collaboration between Nike Zoom Courtposite and Supreme. The fact that Alcaraz was chosen to advertise it has to do with the original styles worn by the tennis player Agassi.

The design was chosen exclusively for Andre Agassi to wear on the track in 2002. However, their innovative silhouette took a while to get used to, and the American tennis player himself chose not to wear them while playing. It proved unsuitable for tennis due to its poor breathability, as well as its groundbreaking look, but was not suitable for competition.Of course, they are highly sought after in the fashion world streetwear. While no exact date has been announced for the official release of the Supreme version, it is expected to arrive in the fall.

The Original Nike Zoom Courtposite in Matte Silver. They are one of the most popular sneakers on the resale market.

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