The novel “Days of abandonment” will be a film with Penelope Cruz. All the details

Days of abandonmentThe famous best-selling novel by Elena Ferrante is getting a new adaptation. This time it will be an English-language film for the international market, and a Spanish star has also been confirmed to play the title role. Penelope Cruz.

The film will be produced by Lotus Production, part of the Leone Film Group, with the participation of producers. Raffaella and Andrea Leone she will be joined by the same Oscar-winning actress, who will in turn take part in the production with her studio Moonlyon. They are also added Ed Cruz AND Marco Peregowho will be producing for Nimoa Entertainment.

This new iteration Days of abandonment will lead Isabelle Kouchet, one of the most famous Spanish directors of all time. Kouache boasts ten Goya Awards and is famous for films such as book house (2017) Love lessons (2008) and my life without me (2003). Instead, the script for the film will be entrusted to a French screenwriter. Lawrence Corea.

An agreement to make the film, which is currently in development, was signed ahead of the strike by SAG-AFTRA, the Hollywood Actors Union. Below you can read synopsis from Elena Ferrante’s book:

A still young, calm and contented woman, far from inactive in the safe circle of her family, suddenly throws herself at her husband and falls into a dark and ancient whirlpool. Left with two children and a dog, deeply marked by pain and humiliation, Olga from quiet Turin, where she moved for several years, is drawn in by the ghosts of her Neapolitan childhood, which seize the present and close her in. alienated and intermittent self-perception. At this moment, a disastrous fall begins, from which it takes your breath away, a story that captures and pulls you to the blackest bottom, more painful than the female experience..

The novel had previously been adapted into film of the same name Roberto Faenza in 2005. The film was produced and distributed by Meduza and starred Margarita Bui, Luca Zingaretti and Goran Bregovic.

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