The number of deaths per COVID-19 rises to 20 in Mexico. There are 993 cases positive and 2 thousand 564 suspects


The authorities reiterated that Mexico continues on the tipping point to prevent that the curve of cases will uncover and be able to saturate the health system in mexico.

Mexico city, march 29 (However).– The number of dead because of the COVID-19 went up to 20, four more than yesterday, while totaling 993 confirmed cases, 2 thousand 564 suspects and 4 thousand 955 already were scrapped, reported the ministry of Health. The largest number of cases is concentrated in the State of Mexico and Mexico City.

Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, director-general of Health Promotion, said at a press conference that 60 percent of the confirmed cases COVID-19 are imported, 27 members and 13 per cent without a history.

58 per cent of people infected with hiv of COVID-19 are men and 42 percent are women.

Mexico City is the entity with the highest rate of incidence of cases per 100 inhabitants. While 27 states have between one and 50 cases; and three more have between 51 and 100 cases.

Cortés Alcalá noted that the 50 percent of the disease-associated deaths by COVID-19 are obese. Hypertension and pulmonary diseases have also been other characteristics of the deceased persons.

Curve caseload of COVID-19 in Mexico since the beginning of the first import. Photo: Image taken from video

The official noted that despite the fact that the highest rate of hiv infections are in people over 65 years of age, “we can all get sick”.

In this regard, it said that the average age of cases is 41 years. Therefore, he invited the young people to also take measures of protection. “From the age of 20, all age groups are affected. We all must stay in case”.

He added that 58 per cent of sufferers are men, while the 42 remaining are women.

Cortés Alcalá said that 65 percent of the 117 people hospitalized are stable; 30 per cent is considered serious, and the 5 percent required respiratory support.


The coronavirus has caused in the last 24 hours about 63 thousand new infected, so that the overall number of cases rises to 638 thousand 146, according to the most recent data handled by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The deaths amounted to 30 thousand 105 in all the world. An increase in this day of more than three thousand 451 deaths with respect to the foregoing.

The united states has become the country with the most victims of the COVID-19, with more than 124 thousand infected and two thousand deaths.

With these figures has left behind what seemed like a nightmare in China, which until now has registered close to 82 thousand 500 cases and three thousand 306 deaths, and that has now become the third country most affected by the coronavirus.

According to the WHO, Italy has 92 thousand 472 confirmed cases and 10-thousand-800 deaths, while Spain has accounted for 78 thousand 797 infectious known, and the number of deaths is six thousand 528.

Global distribution of cases of COVID-19, the distribution is international, with more than 200 countries. 635 thousand cases at the global level. Photo: Image taken from video

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