The Numbers Are in Ariana Grande’s Favor

Ariana Grande Today she turns 30 and if she looks over her shoulders, she cannot but be proud of her career, which still has many years to go but which, despite her young age, has already seen many successes. is full of. The Florida-born pop star has six albums to her credit, the latest being, “Post”was released in 2020. We celebrate its birthday by bringing to your attention a review of that record and some of the songs.

Sexy screams and moans. nothing new. A variety of rhymes and winks have always been a constant in Ariana Grande’s career, ever since “Problem,” the hit that launched her in 2014 when she was just 21 years old and a not-yet-navigated pop star. She was who she is today. “Your Truth”, “My Everything”, “Dangerous Woman”, “Sweetener” and “Thank U, Next”, sold over 25 million copies worldwide, among various provocations and refrains, making the Boca Raton singer – in whose veins, as is known, Italian blood flows: the great-grandfather moved from Molise to the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century – the queen of sexy-pop, which, together with K-pop, is today the main trend of international pop Representation is widespread among very young starlets—from Camila Cabello to Doja Cat to Cardi B—who staked it all on explicit references to sex. They are not ashamed of it – and why should they be?

Ariana continues to do so in “Possessions”, her sixth album of unreleased songs in seven years, following the success of her duets on “Stuck With You” with Justin Bieber, “Rain on Me” with Lady Gaga, and more. came later. The single “Positions”, accompanied by a video clip featuring the singer surrounded by an all-female staff dressed as the President of the United States (released close to the US presidential elections to launch a subtle political message : In one scene, the pop star rewards an employee of the Post, in an apparent reference to postal voting and its support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden).

The fourteen tracks are full of excitement and cues that form a backdrop of easy-to-understand melodies, destined to grind streams across streaming platforms.

We’ll be explicit in reporting some examples like Ariana Grande is in the texts. In “34+35” the sign points to the sixty-ninth position (actually 34 plus 35 equals 69) and the pop star sings plaintively to her partner: “Fuck me till the lights go out”. In “Nasty” she whispers, “I wanna be a pig tonight.” And yet addressing the partner, he says, ‘This cunt is specially made for you.’ and “POV”, in the concluding section, he refers to the category of pornographic videos (short for “point of view” – the shots in such clips are taken from the perspective of the protagonist) to essentially say that a In a relationship, sometimes, partners must put themselves in each other’s place in order to get along. Don’t get me wrong: Ariana is very straight.

Of course, then there are other issues as well. In “Shut Up”, the self-empowerment that opens the disc, he shows the haters the middle finger: “What I do would suck, but I love it”, he sings, with over 20 billion streams. The total number of songs from the top of Who’s Who is on Spotify to date. In “Just Like Magic” he talks about his daily life: getting up at 12, meetings, yoga class and then running to the studio to try new things. In “Safety Net” she sings about her fear of letting go and the hardships she has had to overcome in order to learn to love another person after disastrous past relationships.

Ariana Grande wrote much of the record in her Los Angeles home during lockdown last spring, crafting her relationship with her current boyfriend, successful real estate agent Dalton Gomez, who has endured the pain of Mac Miller’s (ex-Joe) death. He died of a cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol overdose in September 2018 aged only 26 – he dedicated several pieces from the previous album, “Thank U, Next” to her).

and music? Nothing that hasn’t been proposed by the pop stars themselves – and their allies – in recent years. featuring trendy exploits (Doja Cat in “Motive”, The Weeknd in “Off the Table” and Ty Dolla Sign in “Safety Net”) and notable collaborations (such as one with controversial guru of R&B and hip hop Scott Storch) ) Hop Stars and Stripes: At the peak of his career, in 2006, after collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, 50 Cent and Missy Elliott, he let his cocaine addiction take a toll on his career and personal life. ruined life. life: he stopped working and spent almost $ 30 million in less than six months), the pop star pouring concrete into the pillars of the bridge connecting contemporary R&B to trapeze, without detail and innovation has continued. On the other hand, the formula that has seen him stable in the standings for seven years is giving him great satisfaction: since the day of publication the single “Position” is stable in the first place of the Spotify Global Ranking. 50 million streams a week and an average of 6 million streams per day (ahead of events like 24KGolden, BTS and Pop Smoke). As long as the numbers are in his favor, the shine can wait.

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