The nurse Griselda died for covid-19, not of pneumonia


MEXICO CITY, (apro).- Griselda, the nurse of 43 years working in the General Hospital “Dr. Enrique Cabrera Cossío”, and that he died yesterday in the “20 de noviembre” ISSSTE, yes I was sick of covid-19, confirmed the Secretariat of Health (Sedesa), the government of the City of Mexico.

The hospital where he worked is one of the five selected by the Sedesa to be converted to “Hospital Covid-19”, that is to say, that can take only confirmed cases of patients with this disease.

Yesterday, after the death, members of the Sole Union of Workers of the City of Mexico denounced alleged irregularities in the attention of your partner, as it ensured that in a startup, the ISSSTE diagnosed with just the flu. In the meantime, the health authority confirmed the death but said the death was due to pneumonia.

This Thursday, on an informational card, the Sedesa clarified that the nurse who died had covid-19, but clarified that the transmission occurred outside of the hospital of the mayor Álvaro Obregón and ruled that has had contact with the areas of greatest risk of exposure in their work unit.

According to the Secretariat headed by Oliva Perez, the nurse who died was attached to the service of neonatal intensive care Unit of the Hospital General “Dr. Enrique Cabrera Cossío”, to where he appeared to work until last Wednesday, march 18, and until then, presented no symptoms.

However, he added that, on Monday 23 nurse presented box of respiratory infection, so was referred for the attention of the unit “20 November” ISSSTE, where he was hospitalized until his death, 10 days later.

“Then the case study of epidemiological and decision sample detection covid-19, the result was positive,” said the Sedesa.

The Secretariat said that, following the report of death, “it is considered possible contagion outside of the unit, not attributable to direct exposure to patients suspected of covid-19. Its work is not developed within the Emergency department or Intensive Therapy of adults, and therefore no contact with critical areas of higher risk of exposure in your work unit”.

Said that among the preventive actions carried out since the knowledge of the health status of the nurse, General Hospital “Dr. Enrique Cabrera” carried out the monitoring appropriate workers and patients, the contact investigation, as well as the sanitization of the facilities.

Finally, the Secretariat of Health reported that all of his staff joins the sorrow that overwhelms his family, friends and co-workers, and pledged “support to all workers and health workers of the city, the first line of force in the care of the health of all the inhabitants of the City of Mexico.”

In the morning, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum said, “all our support to the family of this colleague”.


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