The Official Apple Release of the iPad Pro 2020, the Best camera and fine accessories!


The Official Apple Release of the iPad Pro 2020, the Best camera and fine accessories!
iPad Pro 2020. ©2020 Apple via Phone Arena – A few hours ago, Apple introduced the latest series of iPad Pro 2020 has just been announced. Latest tablets introduced, the largest upgrade ever to the iPad.

The exterior changes are very obvious due to the presence of the camera is large, which is invisible to the eye similar to the configuration of the camera of the iPhone 11 Pro.

The difference is, the iPad Pro is more demanding since, in addition, there are two main camera, the wide and ultra wide, terdapaat-camera system with 3D-scanning.

Phone Arena, two of the most important camera self-reported 12MP camera, which is similar with the iPad Pro, the previous generation, as well as the camera-ultra wide 10MP. is The camera system is used in conjunction with the microphone “studio-quality” and four speakers, which could be to enlist the efforts of Apple, makers from the fields of film professionals.

While the 3D camera is the latest based scanner-LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) felt. These sensors determine the distance by measuring how the kama long it takes for light to an object and reflect back to the ability of a distance of 5 meters.

It may be the experience with portrait mode improve, as well as the use of Augmented Reality with realistic. Apple’s own claim that the new iPad Pro “to be the best in the world for augmented reality.”

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The New Chipset Powered

iPad Pro will be stronger and the performance, seamlessly, because it is the latest chip set, the A12Z Bionic. This is the chipset that is claimed to be the Apple is offering “the highest performance ever on the iPad”.

It is combined, thanks to the CPU 8-core GPU 8-core, as well as the Neural Engine of Apple.

Apple also claims in all cas, you Blie 10 hours of use.

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Magic Keyboard

For the productivity, led Apple, the Magic-keyboard case for the iPad Pro. Apple describes these accessories have a “design floating with the adjustment angle seamless”.

This can be achieved with a technology, namely the hinge of the lever arm, which can read angles up to 130 degrees.

Magic keyboard self-stick magnetic to the iPad Pro, so that users do not need to worry about the complexity of hanging or setting up.

His keyboard now has a trackpad made by Apple “rearranged” to the iPad, not necessarily a copy of MacOS. The keyboard lights up in every single key.

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Model of the iPad Pro Wi-Fi (11-inch) are packaged in the color Space grey and silver, and is priced starting at USD 799 (Rp12 million Euro) for 128 GB of storage.

If the amount of memory is not enough for you, there are a variant more relief with a memory of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB, respectively, priced at USD 899 (Rp13,5 million€), USD 1.099 (Rp16,6 million) and $ 1,299 (Rp19,6 million).

For variants of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch also Packed in the color Space grey and silver, but at the price of DM 999 (Rp15 million€) with 128GB of memory.

Model 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB, respectively, sold at a price of USD 1.099 (Rp16. 6 million), $ 1,299 (Rp19,6 million) and $ 1,499 (Usd 22.6 million). [idc]

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