The Official Sony Version of a lens with a fixed focal length FE 20mm F1.8G with Wide viewing angle


INDOZONE.ID Sony has recently officially unveiled a new camera unveiled-lens FE 20mm F1 called.8G. This lens is known to present with focal length fixed on the basis of the E-mount has a weight of 373 grams.

Because of the light weight, the size, the lens is also known, is small when compared with the lens Sony FE 24 mm F1.4 GM.

Note that the lens this camera comes with a technology that is capable of a sharp image is obtained from the entire frame and even the corners. In addition, there are 9 aperture that can give the results of the photo the bokeh is smooth.

Sony FE 20mm F1.8G
Sony FE 20mm F1.8G (photo/DP-Review)

FE-lenses, 20mm F1.8G is also a Focus equipped with a Ring, a Manual response is Linear, resulting in the rule of man is sought through the camera to record video with a seamless and focused.

Later, Sony also provides a button AF/MF function can be freely adjusted by the user. Of course, it is enough to help users, if you want to, the configuration of the lens.

Speaking of price, Sony FE 20mm F1.To be 8G note priced at a price of US$900, or equivalent to Rp12,7 million and will be sold on the market at the beginning of March 2020.

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