The official wholesale dollar exceeded $ 100 for the first time in history

The official dollar super for the first time $ 100 in the wholesale plaza. The exchange rate that is marketed in the segment in which banks and large companies operate, which is the one with the lowest nominal value in the market, registered a rise of fourteen cents on Monday and closed the day at $ 100.08.

With this advance, the Central Bank (BCRA) corrected the accumulated of the two previous days, without activity in the market for the weekend, at the rate of more than four cents per day, remaining within the range of daily devaluation that the entity has been validating lately.

“All expectations are now focused on the become of this week, the prior to the legislative elections next Sunday, to see how the Central Bank manages to maintain the current scenario without abrupt changes, “said Gustavo Quintana, from PR Cambios.

Last Friday, the wholesaler registered a decline, which has not happened for more than a year and it occurred as a consequence of the measure announced by the BCRA the previous day, which ordered that until the end of this month the banking entities do not increase their net global position in foreign currency.

In recent months, the entity has been validating an advance of only 1% for the wholesaler, in line with the strategy proposed by the Minister of Economy, Martn guzmn, to try to reduce inflation, while the market has doubts about what will the government do with the exchange rate after the legislative elections.

On the other hand, the dollar retailer it remained unchanged at $ 105.25 on the screens of Banco Nacin and rose to $ 105.58 in the average of the financial entities surveyed by the BCRA. Thus, the “solidarity” dollar advanced to $ 174 on average, about $ 25 below the blue.

Dlar blue, close to the record

The blue dollar operates this Monday at $ 196 for the purchase and $ 199 for sale. The banknote has remained at these values ​​since the close of Thursday of last week, when amidst exchange rate tensions I first touched the $ 200 for sale, thus marking a new all-time high.

In this way, the gap in relation to the official exchange rate continues at fairly high levels, keeping very close to 100%. Specifically, it is just under 99% compared to the wholesaler and around 89% compared to the retailer.

Meanwhile, the financial dollars that are traded with bonds they moderated again on the closing, after having registered important uploads inside the wheel, as they have been doing lately. Thus, the MEP and the cash with settlement (CCL) advanced only 0.3% and remained just below 182 pesos.

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