The Olympics Arrive In Milan On Inflatables

Like the Olympics, but way more fun!
Adrenaline lover, Milan to host heavy game5 km of obstacle courses on inflatables and giant water slides.
Here’s all the info, run to sign up.

Inflatables, water slides and lots of laughs: heavy sports are coming to the fair

How many times as kids did we stay glued to the television and watch people challenge each other on adrenaline-pumping rides on inflatables and water slides?
In a few days, we will be competitive with spectators!

Famous heavy gameAlready present in several European cities, Milan is about to arrive and everyone can participate!
This year’s edition includes a 5 km obstacle course consisting of 12 stages, one more dangerous than the other. Only the best will be able to complete the track, but don’t worry. Its purpose is to have fun!

From the Pyramids to the Temple of Destiny, the race lasts about an hour in total, including slides, water sports, a few dives and then ends at the finish line, where an accessible refreshment area awaits all accompanying persons. Used to be.

heavy game matching 2023
heavy game matching 2023

Useful Information and Reservations

heavy game They will be held at the Monza racetrack (Viale di Vedano, 5, Monza, 20900), which can be reached by car from Milan in about half an hour.
The opening date is set for September 30, it works like this:

Since departures are staggered, each participant is asked to specify a departure time between 10:00 and 14:00 during booking. Always arrive at least one hour before your departure!

The structure will open at 9:00am and there will be a half hour warm-up with a DJ set at 09:45am, we strongly recommend that you attend before the race.

As far as clothes are concerned, you must wear sports shoes and trousers.
Entry to the competition is granted only to those over the age of sixteen.

The tour will last about an hour and it is possible to come along.
who does not participate in heavy game One can avail the services offered by the refreshment point inside the structure.

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