THE OMG! Selena Gomez is immersed in a bath, and without wanting to, that is


Singer Selena Gomez has been through several difficult phases in their lives, and it is for this reason that the fans support non-stop.

Selena Gomez is, without a doubt, one of the actresses most famous of the Disney world since I was able to achieve a fame with his role in a series, in addition to the talent, you Better have it admired by all the means of communication.

One of the most sad thing in his life was when he found out that he had to be operated on in an emergency to save your life, and one of his friends, he was the one that donated the kidney that she needed.

At the root of this event is just as painful for their fans, they started to make a current of prayers from all over the world, and, bit by bit, Selena has been getting better. Today ,the artist would like to thank all his fans for their support.

Recently, we’ve seen one click of the audiovisual, in his account of instagram, which has left everybody open-mouthed, as it is a compilation of the best moments in the show.

Among the comments on the video include: “we love you Selena we love you, we are here for all of your friends supporting you, it always will be for you, don’t be afraid to” blessings, I really like your videos.