The one by one of Colón in the tie against Defense and Justice

Bruno Bianchi (5): Unlike other parties, he was the defender who made the least mistakes. He played a discreet game with some hits and misses.

Facundo Garcés (4): He ends up coming out in the photo of Merentiel’s goal since he could not contain the striker who took the ball and also ended up enabling him.

Gonzalo Piovi (4): Another weak performance, in the beginning Defense always attacked for his sector and the local forwards beat him in speed very easily.

Christian Bernardi (5): They committed some infractions, he gave a good pass to Ferreira in the second half. Perhaps he lacked more weight in attack.

Federico Lértora (5): The usual delivery, in the penalty he is penalized, it is true that the ball first hits him in the body but also leaves the arm too extended. He won and lost in the middle zone.

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Rodrigo Aliendro (6): He put a barbaric assistance to Ferreira that he failed to take advantage of. He ran throughout the 90 ‘showing that he is an indispensable player in the midfield.

Alexis Castro (7): Remarkable definition in the goal, he did not hurry and with a lot of category he finished above the goalkeeper. He brought a lot of sacrifice to the goal.

Cristian Ferreira (4): He had two clear chances and did not take advantage of them. The first shot over the goalkeeper’s body and in the second, Frías managed to intercept the shot. He also had a free kick that went wide.

Lucas Beltran (5): They committed a penalty at the start of the game that Espinoza ignored. Beyond that action, he was always participatory, although he was far from the goal, he played more for his teammates but he lacked presence in the area.

Santiago Pierotti (-): He entered with the result in favor to give greater containment to the middle, in an impassable playing field it was difficult for him to take advantage of any against.

Nicolás Leguizamón (-): A few minutes on the court, he dedicated himself to covering the exit of the rival defenders, but did not manage to weigh in attack.

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