The origin of sexual of the names of some rock bands


Since ancient times, the rock bands have been baptized of the most bizarre forms, and yes —we knew that— many of these groups built almost always in its beginnings by adolescents calenturientos with electric guitars, and the urge to spit to the world his non-conformism, they have opted for mysterious —and sometimes not so much— words with connotations of sexual, scatological or flat out perverted for the good consciences (today cured of fear by the reggaeton). Yes, all because I want to shock the parents and get girls. Let’s look at some cases (it is worth to wash your eyes afterwards).


We would never have imagined that the name of this band, nü-metal (which is castellaniza something like “mäis” or “corn” misspelled) had an origin so grotesque. The same Jonathan Davis (lead vocalist of the combo american) counted because they put so to the group: “we Were at a party in Bakersfield, and there were two guys who were a couple that were talking about a time that they were doing a 69 and apparently one was sick to the stomach. Then, an accident happened and eschatological when the affected person opened up the mouth, had a grain of maize (corn) in the language. I like to tell that story to annoy people and give disgust, it stuck with me in the head and that’s why I put this to my group”. We don’t know, yes it really is true or Jonathan invented everything to have a story controversial behind a stupid name.

The Gusana Blind

Your name seems harmless as much as his pop music eternally a teenager, but the name of this band alludes directly to the penis, that is to say, to this species of worm with an empty bowl that hangs from the crotch. So now you know, when somebody asks you: “do you like the gusana blind?, in discussing your answer. Of course, they now deny it, and ensure that the name has to do with mythology and monsters, but as that terrible group called DLD that before simplifying their name to be called Dildo, safe is because it now gives them a bit of grief.

Iron Maiden

The legendary british band of heavy-metal whose lead singer is also a pilot an aviator (and travel to the tours in their own aircraft), owes its elegant name to a terrible device of torture and execution called: “maiden of iron”. This dark device used during the times of the inquisition (and taken up currently with modifications by the regulars to sado-masochism and the cinema snuff), consists in a drawer in the form of a woman with dozens of nails, sharp and rusty inside (and one of them, the longest, points to the penis).

Joy Division

About 20 years ago no one knew (only the darks and the students of letters with pretensions of poets, tormented), now, any son of neighbor, it uses the famous t-shirt of one of their covers and even we have seen Belinda and Sasha Grey (yes, the t-shirt of “Unknown Pleasures”). What not many know, is the band led by Ian Curtis (the melancholy singer who committed suicide in 1980), has its source in these secret locations used by the nazis, where they raped and used sexually to jewish women in the concentration camps. The members of survivors (grouped in the New Order) have declared many times that they used that name ironically (and not fascist). And yes, there is also a brand of sex toys called JoyDivision (well, with the letters together, and secure the use of the girls and guys neo-nazis) that has nothing to do with the group, of course.

The Velvet Underground

Led by Lou Reed, The underground Velvet was one of the most influential (but at the same time, less valued, the other day I halagué your t-shirt to a well-known, and she answered me: “Oh, what is a group?”) of the rock. Well, these friends of Andy Warhol took their name from a book sexual homonym in which the writer and sexologist Michael Leigh explored the customs of erotic perverted and the paraphilias of the time. And if the cover of the first album of the group is a banana half peeled (signed by Warhol), the cover of estelibro is less subtle: some boots sadomasochistic and a whip of sexual torture. The work, it was found by a member of the group on a sidewalk in New York (or so he says, and probably bought the book secretly or gave it to your dealer).

Semen Up

Not so secret their name and their tendency sexosa. This Spanish group of the eighties, practised a genre called pejoratively porn-pop (his most famous song is an ode to oral sex). You can find their most emblematic songs in the album, “you are doing very well (and other banned songs)” on Spotify (and in one of those, is your sex shop header).

Pet Shop Boys

“The name we put it many years ago a few friends who worked in a pet store in the west of London”, they say. However, the poorly-thought-out think that has to do with the jargon of the world of sado, which includes hamsters and duct rectal (in the animated series “South Park,” there have been episodes about this practice). While some journalists music ensure that this is a myth (and that this sexual practice is also awarded to Richard Gere doesn’t even exist in real life) the rumors have been made that the singer of the band Neil Tennat has declared another member (of the group), Chris Lowe, “is very embarrassed since then.”

W. A. S. P

There was in the 80’s of the last century (as your great-grandparents must be agreed upon), a movement called glam-metal in the that would fit bands like Poison or Twisted Sister. Of course, if we talk about heavy-rock, it’s going to be hundreds of bands with names ends (take a trip through genres like gore metal or rock necrofílico to see what’s going on). But when the name are misleading (as in this case) is not but seeing what is behind (for a time it was rumored very tabloid that KISS was an acronym for “Knights in Satan’s Service”). What is certain is that W. A. S. P, this band that innocently seems to be called “wasp” or (what we doubt): “White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant”, that is to say, “white, anglo-saxon and protestant” (as Trump), in reality (say the gossips) that means: “We Are Sexual Perverts”. What they do say about it? “I don’t know, man, I don’t remember because we got it as well”, commented once in an interview.