The origins of the 10 most Popular terms in the Internet, a “Meme” to “Troll”

191 – Users of the internet and social media on a variety of term, every day. Most of the terms are familiar with the world of technology is already known, because so often read.

But not all people know what it means. For example, do you know the difference emoticons with emoji? Or perhaps the actual meaning behind the term “Wireless”, which is already an indispensable part of the gadgets and the computer?

Well, don’t you scratch your head when you read post or search the forum onlineit is good to know the origin and the true meaning behind the term-the term popular. The following 11 are combined KompasTekno from CnetSaturday (7/3/2020).

1. Deep fake

In The Film Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker presented by Princess Leia, played by the late Carrie Fisher. In fact, before Fisher has been dead since the year of 2016. Your character in the film, it is the custom digital.

This technology, which uses algorithms to deep learning a video-game-playing, produce the original looks as if it is true, represented by certain individuals. The target can be positive, such as meghadikan back Leia Star Wars last, but can also be negative.

In the world of technology, video is a gimmick of sorts is known by the term “deep fake”, the combination of the words “Deep” of deep learning and “Fake” means fake.

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Origin of pornography, the online forum Reddit. In 2017, a user will upload with the name “deep fake” a video-a porn video that looks like it will be shown that by a certain celebrity with this technology.


Have you ever the term FOMO met? This is the abbreviation Afraid To Miss Out On which means, the fear of losing the moment, for example, participation in the activities or a party with your friends.

To tell as a result, people who has the feeling of FOMO sad or jealous if you are his friends, stories, or share the photos from the event.

The word FOMO was originally by the news organization, the student non-profit, The Harbus at Harvard Business School, 2004.

According to reports, The Harbus FOMO use to describe the tendency for new students to spend the time and energy to visit more, all campus-events miss because of the fear of the moment.

3. Noob

Online Gamers certainly often this term belongs to. “Noob” is a mockery on the Gamer Beginners who are still not so good on the players time.

The word “Newbie” was the origin of the noob already for a long time, at least since the 1850s. It means “someone who is new to something”. However, the form in short, a noob, a new display is often used in the 2000s Gamer online.

In addition to a noob, in General, warganet also write it with “newb” or “n00b” (with the zeros).