The outbreak of the Corona Virus, Tim Cook Allowed Apple employees to Work from home


CUPERTINO, Apple CEO Tim Cook allows global employees to work from home. The decision was made due to the increasing concerns about the corona virus.

“Please work remotely if your job allows,” Cook to employees in a memo obtained by Bloomberg quoted from the Cnet, Monday (9/3/2020).

Cook also allegedly told the employees per hour, are affected in the offices, will continue to receive payments in accordance with the operating business as usual. Apple representatives confirmed the authenticity of the memo, Cook to his staff.

Comments from a cook grows in a memo sent to Apple employees last week. The head of Apple to limit the travel to South-Korea, Italy and China, except when it is seen as important, business and go over by the Vice-President of the company.

Employees get travel plans to the countries that have been mentioned, to move or to cancel. Instead, you can do business via phone or video.

COVID-19 or corona virus found in the region of Wuhan at the end of last year. This disease mempuntai symptoms similar to pneumonia.

Chinese scientists connect the COVID-19 with a family of virus of the Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). This disease has killed of 3460 people, and more than 101,000 infected in more than 60 countries.

Editor : Early Angela