The palace of a former San Lorenzo to Ortigoza after the fight with Cauteruccio

San Lorenzo fell 2-0 before Aldosivi in ​​Mar de Plata and exacerbated his crisis. Bad from the soccer, economic and institutional aspects. A totally negative present. And close to being last. To make matters worse, he finished with eight due to the expulsions of Néstor Ortigoza, Uvita Fernández and Perrito Barrios. The first one went to the showers early for an embarrassing fight with Martín Cauteruccio, just a former partner in CASLA.

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Alan Ruiz's message.

Alan Ruiz’s message.

Just finished the strong crossing between Orti and Caute, The one who wrote a forceful message was Alan Ruiz, another former San Lorenzo and who shared a campus with both (2012-2014 and 2015). Particularly what the forward wrote -currently in Arsenal-, attending CASLA 20 and banking the Uruguayan. “You are crack friend, a lot of smoke the chubby on the other side. Let’s go up Caute friend “, were the words of the man who plays in the Sarandí team, published in an Instagram story.

Ruiz with CASLA in 2013 (AFP).

Ruiz with CASLA in 2013 (AFP).


Orti vs.  Cauteruccio.

Orti vs. Cauteruccio.

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It all originated from a crossing (lack) of Fabricio Coloccini -just a former Cyclone- with Uvita Fernández (who would also see the red card minutes later). Cauteruccio went to reproach the former Defense and Justice and Ortigoza, who was not close to the action, got on fire and began to tell the Uruguayan everything. A clash between two former teammates, champions of the 2014 Libertadores. In the middle of the insults, with some trying to separate (Orti also grabbed it with goalkeeper Devecchi), the referee Fernando Rapallini decided to cut his losses and cut 20 from CASLA and 77 from Tiburon, who followed it postcard.

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Ortigoza approached again and even threw a right hand that did not fully impact Caute. And while they left the field of play, they kept saying things and the thing took a higher temperature outside the lime line, with the technicians (Diego Monarriz and Martín Palermo) and substitutes from both sides forced to intervene so that it did not happen to adults between the two protagonists of this fight, beyond the exchange of verbal aggressions and some runs near the tunnel towards the changing rooms.

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With the reds of Ortigoza, Fernández and then BarriosSan Lorenzo has nine in the tournament and is the team with the most sent off. A very bad and totally negative present, with just 20 points in 22 dates. And it can be last at the end of this day 22.

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