The Pandemic Virus Corona, And A Blessing For The Developers Of Online Games



MILAN – One of the steps includes the Italian government to curb the spread of the pandemic-virus, Corona-the entire area. These rules make a lot of citizens, only the silent stay in the house.

As Italy is a quarantine-mass, close to shops, restaurants, and schools, imposed, in an effort to the pandemic virus, Corona -, telecommunications companies slow down to notice the increase in user traffic there.

The biggest advantage of the quarantine of this mass come from Fortnite, and Call of Duty (CoD). Telecommunications company noticed locally, a thorn in the transport of two the game the.

“We reported, there was an increase of more than 70% of the internet traffic through a network of the country. With the largest contribution online game like Fortnite,” said Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Italia, Luigi Gubitosi, was quoted by the page CNETSaturday (14/3/2020).

Epic, as a Creator Fortnite has yet to respond to a comment to spike Traffic this. Another confession was made, the publisher video games Call of Duty released its newest series this week. It has 6 million people in the first 24 hours.

To demand, in the meantime, the telecommunications company Vodafone is preparing in the UK and Telia in Sweden Bandwidth high. The same preparation is also the operator and the local service of the United States after the closure of schools across the country.

Verizon in the US, there is no increase in the use of the internet has been approved-the data so far. But the telecommunications company said that it plans to USD18,5 billion this year to increase the network support 5G wireless, and higher reliability.

The network is diprioritasnya for demand in important places such as hospitals and authorities when their networks are under pressure.