The parade that is all the rage: “I’m ready for anything”

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A parade with a declaration of commitment was all the rage on social networks, because in the declaration of love the signer assures that she is “ready to do anything for us.”

The message went viral this Saturday on Twitter when a user caught the poster that hung between two trees on Cuba Street at 2,400 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano.

The parade said it was a message for a man: “Martín, if it’s not a whim, it’s love. I know it is with you. I know it will work. Trust me, I will not fail you. I am willing to do anything for us. And you?”.

Who signed it? A certain “Belu”.

As it began to go viral, the message sparked a number of comments. “I say no, this is also harassment! Whoever it is, one decides what he wants to do with his life. Those posters are too much!”, Objected a user. Or “notice, friend”, of the journalist Fernanda Etcheves. And even “this is Martin’s dog that watches his owner run away”, alluding to the dog that appears on a balcony behind the poster.

And even some who dared to carry out an exhaustive search on social networks pointed out that the poster had a happy ending.

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