The parent company, TikTok and Ready for the competition with Google and Facebook in the Global market


CALIFORNIA, Byte dance, the owner of the company, of the most popular platforms TikTok seems to be the ambition, a global leader in the technology industry. Now, the CEO of bytes of the dance, Zhang Yiming ready to rival Google and Facebook in the global market.

Quoted from Phone Arena Saturday (14/3/2020), in a letter to all employees of the company, the CEO byte dance said that they focus on global expansion now. Byte dance is currently being investigated by the United States of America (USA) at the expense of relations with the Chinese government, but he is optimistic that the Problem is quickly finished.

Yiming told Reuters, there are a lot of keselahpahaman in this situation. Although the company makes every effort to clear your name, TikTok is forbidden to be used, the of the United to employees of certain companies by the government.

However, the social media video sharing has been very influential in the American market, especially among the young. The value of the share platform was reported, in the vicinity of 100 billion in the secondary market.

Since 2013, Zhang plans for the conquest of the global market has to do although, initially, the company has no financial plan. On the other hand, the application byte dance not without problems.

In the year 2018, the Chinese government shut down one of the top app companies, because it is not adult content contains. However, this does not mean to kill the ambitious plans of Zhang Yiming.

He has the strategy of the huge American technology from Google in the administration of office-office in Beijing for a long time. The facilities are decorated with posters and the CEO of one speech every two months, in the spirit of the work, the culture of Google. In addition, Yiming also do not ask to call the staff to make him a CEO or boss.

Editor : Early Angela