The peculiar hobby of Jessica Biel who ended up fall in love with Justin Timberlake


In addition to reflect on the new outlook on life that has given him his status of father, reveal a host of amusing anecdotes about his prolific career, or to enter fully into the most eye-catching of the culture of hollywood that’s so well known, the singer Justin Timberlake has also taken advantage of his newly released autobiography to confess that, in addition to their undeniable beauty, what most appealed to him in the beginning of his now-wife Jessica Biel was good this reacted to one of his jokes more “sarcastic”.

“When I first met Jess, of course did not go unnoticed to me how beautiful it was. But I started to look in it after making a snarky comment that didn’t seem to like a lot of people. I think that nobody understood the joke except her. He laughed and in that moment, suddenly, I realized that we had more in common than imagined, at least, such a sense of humor a little dark and dry’, says in a chapter of his book ‘Hindsight: & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me.

Regardless of the complicity that both began to forge during that dinner I shared with a group of friends they had in commonthe singer did not dare to ask the artist your telephone number before you end the meeting, and, therefore, not again be seen in a long season.

“She couldn’t stop thinking that I felt very attracted by that girl. There was something in it that fascinated me but that did not quite define, so I had a chat with myself to armarme of value, giving me encouragement and find out what could be the best way of dealing with it”, explained in another extract from his book.

In any case, the now married -parents in the small, Silas- had to wait several months before going back to see Jessica, which occurred strangely after one of the concerts qeu the interpreter offered in the framework of his successful tour ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds‘, that will open the door to a contact increasingly regular and, eventually, to the moment that their romance was to be expected definitely.

“At that time we were still seeing other people and trying to protect yourself against a possible disappointment in love. It took us quite some time to admit that we were very much in love with each other. But since then we have lived unforgettable moments and she is without a doubt one of my main sources of inspiration“acknowledge on your long history of love with Jessica, who he married in 2012 after a little over five years together.