The perfect couple, in war


The californian Alexis Ren and the hawaiian Jay Alvarrez they embodied the perfect couple: cute, young (she’s 20 years old and he 21), with athletic bodies and love. In addition to enjoying a permanent vacation in wonderful places, where protagonizaban romantic images with the sea in the background. But the love lasted a little more than a year, and in the paradise, where everything seems idyllic, it also serves the saying that from love to hate there is one step, in your case just a click, and the two have begun a crossing of blame at the social network with 14 million witnesses around the world.

And what is it that you have said Alexis and Jay to talk of war between them? A few weeks ago she accused him of having used the relationship to get fame. He also said that he was a womanizer and he added that he had a small penis. The latter cleared him immediately, but when you have so many followers, the comment had already been retuiteado and was on the networks though not in the mind of Alexis. Obviously the answer Jay did not wait, and through a video from the Maldives answered him thus: “I have 99 problems, but this is not one of them, baby”, while his index finger pointed to his genitals. And then wrote: “to Embarrass someone with your physique is not well. To make someone feel bad, just shows your weakness.”

A few weeks ago she accused him of having used the relationship to gain fame

Since then there have been no more reproaches, and both continue to be very active in their social networks, hanging personal pictures: Jay practicing risk sports, with the sea in the background almost always, and Alexis showing generously of their anatomy. Both of them have made of the exposure of their lives and of their vacation without to your profession and try not to damage your image with personal attacks. When they were together they embodied the perfect couple and that gave them many dividends, although they also limited the campaigns. Now that they are separated, the business for each one of them can increase always keep that image model that have been offering.

Those who do not follow the social networks possibly will be wondering who you are Alexis Ren and Jay Avarrez. The figures are your best business card: currently Alexis has 8.3 million followers on Instagram, 623.000 on Twitter and 349.000 in Facebook. And Jay, 5.1 million followers on Instagram, 315,000 in Twitter and 396.000 on Facebook. She was born in Santa Monica, the daughter of a lawyer and a nutritionist, is the median of five brothers. Since I was little I wanted to be a model and with 13 years starred in her first campaign for Brandy Melville. His career was on the rise and as any young man began to take selfies, and post them on social networks, and to have more and more followers and more selfies, it is almost always posing in a bikini, on the beach and showing your anatomy from all angles.

When they were together they embodied the perfect couple and that gave them many dividends, although they also limited the campaigns

Jay Alvarrez, for its part, has used social networks not so much to show the body, but rather to demonstrate your skills as a surfer, as a good hawaiian, or parachutist, or the sea seen from a wave or from the sky thanks to the GoPro that was filming everything.

One day, this model and this audiovisual producer (as he is defined) is met and… fell in love. Always it has been doubted whether their union was love of truth or just marketing. Both were very active in social networks and had suffered the misfortune of having lost their mothers shortly before known. His life from then on consisted of traveling to exotic beaches of white sands and crystal clear waters, and to enjoy his love, like Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins in The blue lagoon. But Alexis and Jay did not travel alone, because they were a business sponsored and the photos and videos had to be perfect to continue to increase followers and become the couple’s most famous Instagram. Pull & Bear the signed last spring as an image, and after the Barcelona Bridal Week opened with Alexis Ren parading for Rosa Clara. But something happened in paradise and the couple broke. Jay said in September, at the opening of the new facilities of Pull&Bear in Galicia, which “had been given a few months, and that were still friends”. Although after the attacks recently, it is likely that the friendship also has finished. While both are still hanging pictures and competing to see who accumulates more I like it. The last photo of Jay, from a helicopter on the border of Libya and Egypt, has 428.550. And the last of Alexis in the kitchen showing off their buttocks, 358.232. Who of the two will win the next time?