The performance of Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl has generated some 1,300 claims | the People


As is the case every year, the role of the intermediary, the Super Bowl has become one of the shows most watched in the world. By 2020, the main characters of the the show the median time from the end of the sport have the artists, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez, who won the competition with a performance-laden, light, music, and enough energy, which has generated a multitude of positive reviews, and it did show the power of these two artists of hispanic origin. The show was viewed by more than 102 million people.

However, not everyone in the world has positive words written on them, with respect to the action of Miami, the two pop divas. According to he revealed in the diary The Daily Mailthe Communications Commission of the United States, a body at the national level, he has received no fewer than 1,300 complaints about the show hours after it had taken place.

Some of these protests have lead to the sub-title “Pornography is in the range of a Super Bowl”. The written complain most about “decency”, “content ” scratch”, “in excess of the limits of decency,” and similar questions. “I’m happy to be able to porn in a Super Bowl […] Play as a little clean-cut, so obvious, it encourages the subjugation of young women, in addition to the stimulation of the underground sex trade,” it writes in its complaint a viewer from the united states.

“This year, the Super Bowl has exceeded the bounds of propriety. My son is 28 years old, I was worried about the kids who would be watching it. The costumes, dancing on the bar, to the steady way to pick up the parts… they were not suitable for an event geared toward the families, he said to the other person, of Tennessee. “I don’t have a problem seeing it, and I have been working in the adult content to the tv, but it’s too late. In the year to come, lie down, tom”, he demanded.

Others will require that measures be taken in this regard. “The content is patently offensive, and therefore should not have been issued. I think that the season should be to submit to the sanctions regulation for the content of this type, it is not suitable for public displays,” they say.

“It was eight-thirty in the afternoon, the children were awake to see it. This is everything you could hope for? I don’t watch porn, and I don’t want to mingle with the players. Out,” he writes to someone of the oldest in the country. Another spectator, of Indiana, says that it has allowed for the Shakira and JLo to make a show of erotic in a time when supposedly the best grades. We’ve had to bear witness to his pole dance and their demand in the basin”. For some, it had to have been eligible for such a program for more than 13 years of age.

The Commission took up the complaint, but also to put in the amount that represents a per-thousand-viewers. When, in 2004, starred Janet Jackson and then to his partner, Justin Timberlake, picked up her clothes and showed off a nipple, the Commission has received over 540,000 complaints.