The photo of Amanda Cerny teaching all that hairy sum likes non-stop


The cause a pleasant feeling in the spectators has become the main objective of Amanda Cerny. With a touch of tenderness and at the same time of seduction, the model launches this image in which she appears lying on a sofa playing with his furry pet. A small polka dot dress white with black adorns the picture of Amanda, who to give her touch of sensuality, he put on a black stockings and shoes high heels in red.

To boost the publication, the star of the Instagram question: What kind of puppy should I adopt?. Instantly, they began to appear the views, some of them were: The puppy of adoption you choose. Go to a shelter and pet him until you know, The puppy will be so lucky and Golden Retrievers are very funny and loving. I have one. Among suggestions as to the best breed, praise and compliments of all kinds, passed more than 3 thousand 800 comments that gave even more life to this photo.

The love for pet speaks very well of the YouTuber, who besides being super nice and very funny, there is a great human quality. This has been shown with its foundation Play Foundation, which helps children with needs in countries destroyed by natural disasters, such as Haiti and Puerto Rico, to name a few. Amanda geared to the perfection of philanthropy with the beauty.

Amanda Cerny and your healthy eating

The look and feel good is the ideal state that we all pursue in some way, and for personalities such as Amanda Cerny, is part of your lifestyle. Food is one of the factors that directly affect the physical beauty, for this reason, the expert on fitness, shares her best secrets in terms of what to eat.

In your account of Instagram @cernyfit, the model recommends salads, snacks, complete meals with lots of vegetables, cereals and grains to take care of a completely healthy. Amanda Cerny is the guru of fitness that everyone wants to follow.