The photo of Demi Rose into the magazine H, which will cause you to lose your reason


The duo of Selena Gomez posed for a Hour, with an audience that shapes the perfect figure.

The one that everyone in the world would you like to have for breakfast… And no, it’s not nice Demi Rosebut the huge dish of yogurt, fruit and granola, which presumiĆ³ a the picture full of twists and turns to the the magazine H. The reactions in the Instagram through its powerful bikini don’t have to wait.

The american singer, best known in the context of the entertainment industry, as the duo of Selena Gomez he lit the engines (among other things) to thinking of all the men who were full of praise of his worked on the figure; on the right, is one of the most sought-after in the world.

The more curves, which is impossible: Demi Rose poses in a bikini for H

And that’s that Rose this is an example that breaks with the stereotypes of the skinny, extreme, displaying proudly their hips, the buttocks, through her breasts, and the legs are cast, which has always been celebrated for more than $ 12 million followers on Instagram.

“The customer becomes the most beautiful in the world, it doesn’t matter how you see yourself”Demi Rose is the description for the Instagram.

She is, but she is often sharing some photos of the roops, of course, a bathing suit, daring necklines and clothes that blend in seamlessly with its curves, such as the newly-bikini zest during your stay at a paradise-like beach is the ideal place to get carried away by the desire.

Users are not allowed to pass up the opportunity to heap praise on

But the the picture for H it has become, without a doubt, in a trend that is not only a social network that is characterized by its censorship, but it’s also on Facebook and Twitter, where users have filled the comments that you display in your the body, sun tan.

“Oh my god, what a hearty breakfast in the morning, “is the most beautiful thing that ever stepped on this earth in the last days” And “something so beautiful”, “A small, nutritious breakfast to start the week well, I admire you,” and “the greater the number of turns, and not on the road to Mexico”, were just a few of the comments on it.