The photo that made a fool of Celia Lora on social networks

The controversial model gives a lot to talk about on their social networks

Celia Lora has never been sorry for showing her statuesque figure with daring photographs and although Alex Lora’s daughter does not care about criticism, there was a time when she could not justify her mistake and was ridiculed with an image that evidenced her photo retouching.

It happened last year, the former playmate had shared a sensual photograph without panties that did not leave much to the imagination, however, this was not enough for users to go unnoticed that her shadow did not fit the figure of her body, as it made it seem that her abdomen had been touched up.

In the image, Lora appears in profile wearing a red top and nothing at the bottom. The white background made her shadow stand out and revealed that her silhouette was deceptive. Users of social networks did not stop commenting on it and asked the model not to resort to retouching and only show her real figure.

This has not been the only occasion in which the model has been the target of criticism, in the past she has had to face strong scandals, however, she has not let haters ruin her way of being.


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