The photo with the Heidi Klum defies the censorship of Instagram


Not everything is allowed in Instagram. Or, rather, is not allowed to teach everything. If not, just ask Paco Leóna few days saw it as the social network he removed one of their pictures naked by showing your followers your noble parts. Is more, clipped the photo and went to upload it, and it seems to be that pubic hair is not allowed.

“Forgive you insist… But I have returned to censor the photo already censored. What is the standard? I thought that the limit was genitals, ass and nipples female. Apparently the pubic hair is also prohibited. But my last photo didn’t have anything like that,” he began indignantly.

“Could it be that if there are people that the complaint as inappropriate, INSTAGRAM may be removed, even if it satisfies the standard? If this is so, it seems to me dangerous. It undermines freedom of expression and gives power to anyone for exercising their supposed moral superiority and decide on the content of my account”, concluded the actor.

Now, he is in danger of one of their images be removed from the social network is the very Heidi Klum, which has shared an image, very sensual, in which a glimpse of part of her nipplesone of the areas of the female body prohibidísimas in the rules of the game of Instagram.

What will be the next to enter the list of celebrities affected by this rule? Just in case, whoever wants to see the photo, take advantage nownot go to be considered to be ‘non grata’ in the domain of Instagram.

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