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The photographer who was accused by Shakira and Gerard Piqué on the Cantabrian coast speaks and shows the photos | Film and Television

In recent times we have witnessed the growing hobby of Shakira for surfing. Both she and her family have become lovers of boards and that is why these days they have chosen to spend their holidays on the Cantabrian coast, near the beach where they can catch some waves.

They did that on Friday afternoon with a photographer as a witness who tried to immortalize the singer’s adventure in the sea with her husband, her children and a good group of friends. But all did not end well.

When the couple noticed the presence of the photographer, they did not take it too well and tried to erase the material they had captured. Javier Rosendo, which is what it is called, he was cornered and has decided to tell what happened in Live life.

After clarifying that he is a professional who has been dedicated to photojournalism for 25 years, he has related what he had to live with Shakira and Gerard Piqué: “It has been a disagreement, with a situation of lack of respect and violence towards myself and aggression towards freedom”.

Account of a moment of tension

The photographer explained that he was informed of the couple’s plans to surf and went to the beach where they were to cover the information. There there was a girl who wanted to take a picture with the footballer and the photographer approached him to ask if he could take the picture with the minor. It was when he realized everything.

Mr. Piqué rebuked me, invited me to delete the photographs, even offered me to take the photograph of the girl in exchange for deleting the photographs I had taken, I said to him that ‘sorry, but I cannot erase those pictures’. I am a photographer, I dedicate myself to this, it is my job and I am not going to erase the photographs. From that moment is when he turned around and his companions directly came for me”, He told Emma garcia.

“I did not put up any type of resistance and well, continuously all the people who accompanied him They rebuked me, they coerced me, they approached me without any kind of precaution, without a mask, until I made the decision to put mine on and tell them to keep a distance, until the moment they approached me, they took my camera away … at no time did I approach them. They were deleting the images after looking in google how to find the card holder and the instructions on how to do it, “he said before being interrupted to go to advertising.

He resumed his story telling that while one of the couple’s companions, who was a photographer, erased the images, he called the Civil Guard.

Fortunately I was not alone there was a witness who passed by and lived the moments of tension that the photographer tells. He admits that he also received insults when he tried to intervene.

Despite everything, the photographs have seen the light and we have been able to see Shakira and Piqué surfing on the beach of Oyambre.

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