The photos most tender of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake


Jessica and Justin are one of the golden couples of Hollywood. Successful, committed, and handsome. Every time you appear in a movie, take a drive or simply go out in the street the whole world comments on his steps. But they want to prove that you are like the rest of human beings. At least that your life as a parent is referred to.

For this reason, they have decided to hang photos on Instagram of everyday situations that all mothers and fathers living in their day-to-day.

“I sighted! In their natural state, look at the jaw open, in a deep sleep and the fatigue palpable of this creature. Yes, it is a working mother,” says the actress in a post by your account of Instagram.

This is an image in which Biel appears, as described in the text, asleep in the passenger seat of a car, with the mouth open and sunglasses. So has wanted the actress to convey to his followers that she it is also a working mother, and therefore lives exhausted. And this despite having many more facilities than the majority of the population.

The actress has not been the only one that has wanted to have her experience as a mother. Her husband, Justin Timberlake, has also taken the opportunity to show another situation of what most common among parents of young children. In your case it has not been the tiredness, the protagonist of the photo, but fun.

The singer has made a photo while attending one of the classes of the nursery for her son Silas Randall. “When you’re the only dad in the class of game of mid-morning, if you stay more than 20 minutes … THIS IS YOUR DESTINY,” says Timberlake in the photo Instagram in that appears with a few glasses of toy of different colors.