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Nicolás Repetto suffered a serious robbery a few hours before celebrating Christmas in 2021. The famous man was at his home in “La Juanita”, a very exclusive area of ​​José Ignacio in Punta del Este, but his vacation ended on a bad night. The famous man decided to go out to dinner with his friend Pato Tobal to relax and enjoy.

In “Intruders” they reported that while Nicholas He was having dinner with his friend, thieves entered his house and robbed it, worst of all, they managed to tear the safe from the wall. “The farm has a security checkpoint. The thieves entered through the beach. They are investigating. And they robbed his room. They managed to enter. There was a significant amount of money. The police report is made. They took only that.”, they revealed.

To get into the topic that is really distressing, Paula Varela added: “Almost all of the houses are robbed. Why? Because they know that they are going out, that they are going to eat out, they know how long it takes … so it is a place to be feared”. And of course, how right, especially because it is easy to trace the famous and know their times.

The house in question is a dream mansion, it seems to have been taken from an American movie. Some time ago, also from “Intruders” they showed the properties that Nicolas Repetto he had in his possession in Uruguay, one better than the other.

Nicholas was one of the first buyers when the place opened, along with Adrian Suar decided to give it a try and how well it did. The house was under the direction of the architect Martin Rodriguez, who gave it a unique and admirable design. That is why it is one of the most prestigious in Uruguay.

The “La Juanita” mansion located in José Ignacio, Punta del Este, has modern floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to enjoy a dream view of the sea. The design is somewhat minimalist that shows the good taste of the driver and his wife Florence raggi with whom at that time he celebrated his anniversary in the new house.

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