The Pilarean who was the host of Freddie Mercury

This Wednesday marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury, one of the great rock and pop icons of the 20th century.

In 1981, together with Queen, he visited the country to give a series of shows that remained in history, with memorable recitals in Vlez, Rosario, Crdoba and Mendoza. Along with him, acting as guide and advisor, was a neighbor from Del Viso.

Ricardo Petracca has lived in Pilar for more than 25 years, and in 1981 he was a young man of 29, yesobrino of the emblematic president of Vlez Srsfiled who bore his same name. This is how was with the group throughout the stay, leaving for posterity a photo with Freddie Mercury on his shoulders.

I told him that I did not want a common photo, like the one that was taken with everyone, and when it occurred to him to get on as he did in the recitals, since in one of the songs he sang on the shoulders of a custodian disguised as Superman, He remembered in dialogue with El Diario in 2019, describing the singer as a great guy.

The photo was taken by her brother-in-law (also Pilar’s neighbor) and it was gestured in a shared barbecue in the villa that the Velezano president had in Ituzaing, where the rest of the band was also, as well as friends of the host family and even journalists from the well-remembered magazine Pelo.

As the Pilarense remembers, Queen’s passage included dinners at Los Aos Locos restaurant, walks down Florida Street and leather jackets bought at Casa Lpez.

The closeness with Mercury was generated spontaneously, since two of the members of the group had traveled to Argentina with their families, so the singer was often excluded. Thus, interpreter through (an Englishwoman who translated perfectly, even speaking as an Argentine), A bond was formed between the rockstar and the local host that even continued over time: He saw the stained glass that we made in our company and ordered one from me by letter, but I think it didn’t arrive afterwards.

From that passage of Queen there was a photo for life that even their children had framed – and a cluster of anecdotes that would fill any fan with envy. 30 years after Mercury’s departure, his aura remains unquestionable.

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