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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt PC Game Download Full Version

Who doesn’t like pirates? Probably there will be few people who are not fascinated by the adventures of brave, though often not “polite” warriors sailing on ships towards an unknown destination and adventure. Pirates have something decidedly romantic about them, perhaps a sense of freedom that comes with them, perhaps legendary prowess, and perhaps that they don’t submit to any rules other than their own.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt PC Game Download Full Version

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That is why games about pirates and about their lives are so popular. Besides, not only the games themselves, it is also about books, movies, or even TV series and all kinds of entertainment from the world of pop culture. We should mention here, for example, a very popular series of films under the common title “Pirates of the Caribbean”, where the genius Johnny Depp played the main role. Who of us would not like to play the role of one of the pirates and cross the seas and oceans, fighting against those who try to stop us from getting rich?

Home Net Games gave us just such a chance, creating its position under the title The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. Interestingly, the author is a Pole, namely Mirosław Dymek. He is the creator of such hits as “Earth” or “Polanie”. The latter position is a strategy, taking place anywhere else, but in Poland, placed temporarily before the reign of Mieszko I. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is his next hit, this time Mirosław Dymek takes us to ships. It is true that there is no plot in the game, and we just have to flow and get rich, but that does not mean that other games are more interesting, and we should not click on The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Download.

We should definitely do this. Why? We have as many as sixteen different classes of ships here – classes, not the ships themselves! – so that no captain will be able to complain that there is nothing to swim on. In the game, we complete various types of missions, and we spend the time spent between them, whether it is to modify the ship we already have or to buy a new one. What else will we do after clicking on The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Download? Not only by simply swimming – about which more in a moment – but also exploring the area, trading with other ships, boarding them and, of course, looting those who do not want to give us their treasures for goodness. In addition, we can sack the base, port, or even an entire fort belonging to another captain and enjoy what we can take from him.


When it comes to the realism of the game, this is probably the strongest point of The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. The game is based on Mirosław Dymek’s own experience – in terms of sailing, of course, and not looting other ships. The balloon is, what is worth emphasizing here, an avid sailor and he transferred his love for this form of entertainment to The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. In addition, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt has another attraction for us, because we do not have to cross the waters ourselves, we also have our friends at our disposal – just choose the multiplayer mode available in the game and we can enjoy sailing in the so-called sailors’ clan, or – as in this case – the pirate clan. There is also very good news for all Polish sailors dealing with sea looting – The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt will also be released in a version with Polish subtitles.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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