The Plane, Gerard Butler in adrenaline-pumping action film on Sky and streaming now

Plane arrives on Sky first TVAdrenaline-pumping action movie starring Gerard Butler As a flight commander who has to make an emergency landing in one of the most dangerous places on earth, Monday 17 July 21.15 on Sky Cinema Uno (and also 21.45 on Sky Cinema Collection – Gerard Butler Mania), now available for streaming and on demand, The film will also be available on demand in 4K on Sky.

With Butler in the film, who also plays Brody Torrance Mike Colter, in the role of Louis Gaspar, an unlikely ally of the pilot. director Jean-Francois Richetwhile the script is still on charles cumming And JP Davis,

Summary – During a severe storm, Captain Brody Torrance (Gerard Butler) rescues his passengers by making an emergency landing. However, when the plane lands on an island ravaged by war and for the group held hostage by dangerous rebels, it’s the beginning of a real nightmare. The only person Torrance can trust is Lewis Gaspar (Mike Colter), a man accused of murder whom the FBI is taking on their flight. Will our captain be able to save the passengers and escape the island?

This first T.V. on the occasion of Monday 17 July to Sunday 23 July Sky Cinema Collection – Gerard Butler Mania (Channel 303) focuses on the iconic actor, with programming dedicated to his filmography.

between thirteen titles required: the first and third chapters of the action saga in which Butler is a CIA agent, Attack on Power – Olympus Has Fallen And lightning strike 3with both Morgan Freeman, with film Frank Grillo And Alexis LoudR Copshop – Chimney in which a hitman, a slick thug and a rookie policeman battle it out; in the lair of wolves where a special team of the police department is assigned the task of breaking a gang of robbers; Atmospheric thriller based on a true story Vanishing – Mystery of the LighthouseTogether Peter Mullan, imagine the action of alex proyce god of egypt Together Nicolai Coster-Waldauwild romantic comedy Harsh truth Together Katherine Heigl And ex hunter Together Jennifer Aniston,

plane – Monday 17 July21.15 on Sky Cinema Uno (and also 21.45 on Sky Cinema Collection – Gerard Butler Mania), now available for streaming and on demand, On Sky, the film will be available on demand in 4K for Sky Q or Sky Glass customers with the Sky Cinema package and with the Sky HD/Sky Ultra HD option service activated.

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New Sky season with an exciting range of projects, productions, original stories and games - #Sky20Years

04/07/2023, Milan – Simone Rossi for “”

With multiple premieres in a year, sky cinema Offers a complete offer for all interests: the best Italian and international cinema, award-winning quality films at major festivals, sagas that have made history on the big screen, lots of content for the little ones and a variety of titles and genres , the whole family For. Plus, all exclusive titles from collections and movies sky core, All available on Sky and streaming now.

Many titles of great international cinema with blockbuster movies like fantasy-horror No by Academy Award® winner Jordan Peele and Whitney Houston – a voice that became a legend, DC universe’s Cinecomic, biopic on legendary singer (both already available) black adams “The Rock” with Dwayne Johnson (premieres July 3), action with Gerard Butler plane (Upcoming July 17), Dystopian don’t worry darling Blumhouse’s science fiction horror film, with Florence Pugh (from July 24) Megan (in August), psychological drama TarCoppa Volpi 2022 (in September) in Venice, with Cate Blanchett, awarded the cult fantasy Dungeons and Dragons – Honor for Thieves (Quick). it is still babylon Starring Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt, directed by Academy Award-winning director Damien Chazelle, available at no extra cost to Sky Cinema subscribers from 21 July on Paramount+.

And then there are the legends that made cinema history, like harry potter, batman, transformer, jurassic world, jason bourne And back to the future (the collection is already available on demand) and that Impossible GoalWith the collection coming from July 8 to 16 to coincide with the theatrical release of the seventh new chapter, Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part 1,

Cinema for the whole family with international entertainment dc league of super pets(Available Now), the hugely successful DreamWorks Animation Puss in Boots 2 – The Last Wish (in September), Louis and Sophie found a lot of love Me Against You – The Movie: Jungle Mission (Already available on Sky Primafila and soon on Sky Cinema and streaming on NOW) and Box Office EventSuper Mario Bros. – The Movie Branded illuminations taken from the famous Nintendo video game (coming soon).

And yet again with the documentary on the great Italian cinema, Gigi Riva thunder rumbles in our sky (already available) and the film with Antonio Albanese thank you guys (already available), both by Riccardo Milani, Romantic directed and interpreted by Pilar Fogliati (from July 31), through friendship by and with Alessandro Ciani (from July 10), three too many Noir by and with Fabio De Luigi (already available on Sky Primafila and streaming soon on Sky Cinema and NOW) and Pierfrancesco Favino last night of love (coming soon).

Finally, with award-winning cinema and author shadow of caravaggioby Michele Placido (already available), vastnessby Emmanuel Crialis, with Penelope Cruz (in August), WhenThe spectacular return of Nanni Moretti, by Walter Veltroni, with Valeria Solarino and Neri Marcore (coming soon) future sun (coming soon) and Gabriele Salvatores’ film with Tony Servillo the return of casanova (Quick).

Sky Originals new season among highly confirmed collections Glimmer’s CrimesWith Filippo Timi, Lucia Mascino, Alessandro Benvenuti, Atos Davini, Massimo Paganelli, Marcello Marziali, Enrica Guidi, Corrado Guzzanti and Stefano Frecci (coming soon).

But Sky Cinemas is also home to Sky Original films: international titles are on the way, such as the crime drama starring Liam Neeson directed by Oscar® winning Neil Jordan Spy marlowe (in August), Animation Claws of Fury – Legend of Hankand Stephen Frears Film the lost king (Quick).

Plus, the all-Italian Sky Original film coming soon the gospel according to maryBy Paolo Zucca, based on the book by Barbara Alberti, starring Benedetta Porcaroli as Maria and Alessandro Gassmann as Giuseppe.

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