The PlayStation 2 Was 20 Years Old, The Best-Selling Console, Sony

290 – It is for over 20 years, game console, legacy-Sony PlayStation 2 ( PS2), accompanied by its users. This gaming console also has a console from Sony the most in demand.

Since it was first launched in Japan and Asia on 4. In March 2000, and brought in North America and in Europe a few months later, to enjoy the PS2 probably already a option in the means of entertainment at home.

Because to play in addition to be able to a variety of games with 3D animations, which was popular at this time, the PS2 could also see the hard disk of the cassette-type CD and DVD, an entertainment format that had been in love with movies in the era of the 2000s.

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To celebrate, the Twitter account of Sony PlayStation as well as the uploading of the posting, two decades of video game console, the successor to the PS1’s.

“This day 20 years ago, we opened our hearts with the introduction of the PS2. What PS2 game is your favorite?,” said account @PlayStation and offers the emoticon “heart”.

“Numbers 20, beautiful appearance, the PS2,” said account @play stationeu in the booking separately.

Best-Selling Game Consoles

If the view to the rear, the PS2 is probably one of the game consoles are one of the most influential in the history of the industry of the games console.

Because, until now, the sales of the console there is no match, the console is sold also known as the most on the market, even with the latest if.

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The sales of the PS2, than the 4. January 2013, included in the number of 158 million, surpassing the sales of the PS4 console with the numbers 102.8 million per 30 September 2019.

The atmosphere of the revelation of the console, PS2 games in Tokyo, Japan, Aizawa The atmosphere of the revelation of the console, PS2 games in Tokyo, Japan, 1999.

PS2 the sales figures of the console conquer game competitors, where per may 10, 2006-game console from Microsoft, the Xbox only sold 24 million units, followed by the Nintendo Gamecube (22 million units in 2010) and Sega Dreamcast (9.1 million units/2002).

The success of the PS2 could do this separately, not by the various functions in the console. In addition, it can play DVDS, the PS2 can games also runs the entire game in the console, PS1.